• Title I

    Title I provides federal funding for schools to help students who are behind academically or at risk of falling behind. In order for these students to reach their highest potentional, the program utilizes preventive, early intervention, and remedial instruction.

            Instructional Goals

    1. Increase the reading and language arts levels of our students
    2. Assist students in achieving the Virginia SOL's
    3. Instill in children the love of reading and writing
    4. Instill in children the desire to be lifelong learners
    5. Maintain open and on-going communication with the families
    6. Increase Parent Involvement
    7. Continuously update our instructional resources
    8. Differentiate instruction for all children in our program
    9. Utilize and update our technology resources
    10. Utilize assessments to improve instruction
    11. Utilize small group as well as tutorial styles of grouping
    12. Increase collaboration between Title I and classroom teachers


    Riverheads is a Schoolwide Title I school. Here are a number of important documents relative to our Title I status that we want to share.

    Title I - Schoolwide Plan and Goals

    Right to Know Letter

    School Family Engagement Policy

    School Family Compact


    You can access the division's Title I website here