Why read 20 minutes?
  • Thank you for being willing to help from home! Below you will find ideas and links to continue learning oustide of school. 

    1. Use the Parent Pipeline and/or graphic organizers that are sent home with each new unit. Have your child read his/her book for homework, then ask questions about what was read. Please have your child find evidence from the passage to support his/her answer.
    2. Review worksheets that are sent home. Ensure that your child is reading the question, passage, and all answer choices carefully. Help him/her find evidence from the passage to support the answer chosen. This includes any worksheets that have already been graded. Please review questions that were missed and help guide them to the correct answer, helping them locate evidence from the text to support their new correct answer.
    3. Go to the library and choose a book to read together. At the end of each page, have them tell you what they read. Follow the “who, what, when, where, why” format. Once they are proficient with that, have them stop at the end of a chapter and retell what they read. 
    4. Choose a nonfiction book or story to read. Have them tell you the main idea of a section, and use supporting details from the passage to prove the main idea.
    5. Practice Language Arts IXL. Go back to 3rd grade and review skills that we have already learned. If they have already completed it, have them answer 10 more questions to ensure that they can maintain a Smart Score of 80.
    6. Choice Board for homework ideas