Daily schedule suggestion
  • Hi students and family!


    In this uncertain time, I wanted to create a page with links to websites that are offering experiences, lessons, and activities for free. These sites are providing resources, free of charge, for this month or even the remainder of the year. Typically these are sites that schools need to pay for, so they will likely be unavailable next year. 


    I will be putting activities and websites on Google Classroom as well. Please check it daily for periodic updates. To access Google Classroom from home, ensure that you are not logged in to Google. Your child needs to log in to Google using his/her email address. It is the same way they log in to the computer multiple times every day. They will use their number followed by @augusta.k12.va.us. The password is the same as it is when they log in to the computer.

     **Please note that these are links designed for exploration. Please use IXL M.1 and N.1 for 20 minutes for more rigorous learning practice.**


    Here is a great choice board of activities your child can pratice for reading work each day. 

    Choice Board for Reading


    Here is a letter from Scholastic explaining the available resources they have made available to all students due to COVID-19. 

    Scholastic Letter to Families

    Username: Learning20

    Password: Clifford

    This is a great resource, from Scholastic, to incorporate science and social studies into your daily work. 


    This is an extensive list of many other websites that are available for free. This is a very large list; I have not previewed every site so please ensure that you are providing supervision while your child accesses these websites.


    Thank you for being willing to work with your child while we are out of school. I will update this page as I find other helpful resources.