WMHS Support Resources

  • We hope you are happy and healthy!  The Counselors will be working to keep this website updated with resources and activities that you are welcome to utilize anytime during this time of school closure.

    If you would like an appointment with our GRASP Advisor, Susan Arritt, to discuss anything related to financial aid for college, click this link for information about how to contact her:  Letter from GRASP Advisor

    Planning to attend BRCC in the fall?  Click HERE for important information from our Career Coach, Sarah Morris.

    Click HERE to see resources that our School Social Workers put together.  This link includes information about Food Resources, Comcast Internet, Educational Materials, Social/Emotional/Mental Health Support, and other important information.  This link will be update as new information is available.

    Here is a link to a slides presentation that the WMHS Counselors put together that includes resources and ideas for activities:  WMHS Student Support Resources

    If you are trying to navigate the college decision and admissions process during these new times, here is a link to an article that may give you some additional guidance on how to do this virtually:  How To Make College Decisions When Colleges Are Closed

    Has the stock market trouble affected your ability to afford college for your child?  Our Career Coach shared this article that outlines how to appeal your financial aid awards from your child's college/university:  Appealing a Financial Aid Award During COVID-19

    This FACTSHEET provides the latest benefits and assistance available to eligible individuals, families and businesses in response to COVID-19:  VA COVID-19 RESOURCES