Tennis Ball Challenge
  • Coach Stewart's TENNIS BALL ACTIVITES! Challenge yourself and family members!

    *Toss the ball up. Sit down and catch it.

    *Dribble the ball and skip, gallop, slide, hop

    *Toss the ball up. Spin your body 360 degrees and sit to catch it.

    *Toss the ball against a wall, spin 360 degrees. Try to catch the ball on first bounce. Try to catch the ball with no bounce!

    *Toss ball from behind your back, over your shoulder and catch it. 

    *Sit down. Toss the ball up and stand to catch.

    *Body juggle. Use forearms, knees. Can you get 6 taps?

    *Toss ball up: let it bounce off the ground, then bounce off your knee and catch. 

    *Toss ball up. Spin 360 degrees and catch the ball after one bounce. Then try with no bounce. 

    *Place ball between your feet, jump up and release the ball and catch it.

    *Toss ball up. Step forward and catch it behind your back.

    *Hold ball in hand. Stand with one knee up. Toll the ball under your leg and catch it.

    *Make up your own trick and teach it to someone!

Last Modified on January 26, 2021