Play UNO and get FIT

Play UNO and get fit! Start a game!

  • Here is a great workout for you.  UNO has been one of our absolute favorite games throughout the years.  I play with my family and my grandkids. Today I have a fun new physical UNO game to enjoy.  It is a fun and easy way to get the family moving and active.  You choose how much time you will “play” the UNO workout and off you go.

    All you need is a stack of UNO cards and know how to do a squat, jumping jack, push up and a plank.  Set the stack of UNO cards in a central location, and give plenty of space for everyone to exercise.  Everyone will draw a card.  If you draw a yellow card you will do jumping jacks, as many jumping jacks as the number that is on your card.  If you draw a blue card, you will do push ups, as many as the number on the card.  A red card is 30 second planks, again do as many as the number on your card.  Green is squats.  If you draw an action card,  a draw 2 or 4, a wild card, reverse or skip card, you will do 10 of your choice of exercise.  After you complete your task for that card, go and grab another card.  Continue on playing as long as you like.

Last Modified on May 6, 2020