• We are extremely blessed to have many community partners who enrich our students education! 


    McCormick Farm- Shenandoah Valley AREC

    Chesapeake Bay Foundation 

    MC Livestock 

    Buffalo Creek Beef

    Staunton Union Stockyards

    Maple Springs Farms/Cattleman's Supply 

    Polyface Farms

    Stoney Run Dairy

    Shenandoah Valley Produce Auction

    AgriVentilation Systems

    VA State Capitol/House Ag Committee Meeting/General Assembly Session

    Ridgeview Acres

    Southern Breeze Poultry

    Brookwood Livestock

    Mt. Crawford Creamery 

    VA Forestry Center

    West Kent- Robotic Dairy

    Houff’s Corporation/Valley Pike Market


    Dr. Bruce Bowman- VDACS

    Matthew Sponaugle- VDACS 

    Hunter Ritchie & Jason Hallacher- VDGIF

    Jon Donaldson- Wildlife Services 

    Jason Carter- VA Cattlemen's Association 

    Delegate Steve Landes

    Eric Paulson- VA Dairymen's Association 

    Mike Marchand- Select Sires

    Jon Benner- Animal Science Extension Agent 

    Jeremy Daubert- Dairy Science Extension Agent 

    Sue McKown- Shenandoah Valley Beekeepers Association 

    Allison Miller & Hillary Morris- Augusta Coop

    Nancy Sorrells- Augusta County Agriculture Historian 

    Clint Folks- VDOF

    Paul Bugas & Christine Raab- Isaac Walton League

    Laura Begoon- FSA, NRCS, SWCD- Rachel 

    Ashlie Howell- Farm Credit

    Tyler Harvey- Farm Bureau Insurance

    Laura Thurmond- Conservation Easements

    Phyllis Meador- Agriculture Real Estate

    Jessical Hall- Harmony Harvest

    Mike Calhoun- Stover Shop Greenhouses

    Mr. Chris Mullins- Virginia State University

    Auville's Suffolks and Club Lambs