•                                                                         Syllabus for Course


    Course Title: Small Engine Technology I          State course #: 8725

    Instructor: Larry W. Hoover

    Term: Fall 2020

     COURSE DESCRIPTION:  A course designed to develop skills in operation, maintenance and repair of small air-cooled engines.


    • Identify safety equipment necessary for small engine technology
    • Apply basic laboratory safety instruction
    • Describe safety practices when using electrical equipment
    • Apply safety practices when using tools and equipment
    • Determine what information is needed for parts and mechanics manual usage
    • Identify the basic engine parts and the functions of each in the operation of an engine
    • Use a manufacturer's manuals to solve the procedural problems specific to a particular engine
    • Identify the parts and components of the following systems: ignition, fuel, compression, lubrication, and carburetion.
    • Identify and use the major types and applications of tools
    • Identify and explain the differences of an engine as a two or four cycle
    • Identify engine by brand name and/or manufacturer
    • Identify operating conditions of small gasoline engines
    • Define and relate small gas engine terms.
    • List the sequential order and explain the significance of the principle events in the operation of a four stroke cycle engine
    • Explain the relationship of the main parts of the four-stroke cycle engine to the principle events
    • Disassemble a small engine according to the procedures outlined by the manufacturer
    • Identify the wear points on a disassembled engine
    • Assemble a small engine according to the procedures outlined by the manufacturer
    • Describe the tolerance, specifications, clearance and reject size given by the manufacturer and how these terms affect engine operation
    • Identify and repair (if needed) those parts of an engine that need to be measured with a measuring device
    • Use micrometer measurements to determine if parts of a small engine are within the specifications set by the manufacturer
    • Start an engine and adjust it for speed and load



    49 Hornet Road
    Fishersville, Va. 22939
    (540) 943-5511 or (540) 245-5006 – EXT 228
    email: hooverl@valleytech.us




    MATERIALS:  Old clothing and close-toed shoes (Tennis shoes, work boots) for work.