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  • There's always a way to lend a hand in the classroom! Unfortunately, this year it appears that help will have to be from a distance and outside of our school.

     Ways to Help Your Child At Home:

    1. Read to them every day!
    2. Engage your child in conversation about ways they can find solutions to problems.
    3. Bring attention to different things inside and outside of the home for them to make observations about.
    4. Praise, praise, praise!

     Ways to Help in the Classroom:

    1. There is always something that needs to be cut after laminating. Please let me know if that's something you'd be willing to help with!
    2. There's always something to celebrate in Kindergarten! We will be sending out requests for help with snacks or things we will need in our celebration. Be on the look out for this through the Remind app.
    3. I have created an Amazon Wish List for things that would be helpful in our classroom!

    Thank you for your support!