Modern World History

Welcome Back to School - It's Going to be a Little Different but We Got This!

  • Yoda


    Welcome Back Everyone. My name is Daniel Grant and we'll be examining modern World History this semester. This includes examining cultures in the post Renaissance world, understanding changes between people and government, and the political - social interactions emerging in the globalized world. This course will take us all the way up to the Present. 


    Now this semester is going to look a little different than years past. First, scheduling is a little different. Some of you will be coming on Wednesday / Friday and some will be Tuesday / Thursday. Additionally, some will be totally Virtual. I want you to know that whenever I see you and get in contact with you, we are all working towards the same goals - Learning, trying our best, and having some fun! 


    Additionally, we'll be using  Google Classroom for most of our class work. I'll be going over this in class and posting tutorials online. Some of this is going to be new to you but we'll make it work!


    As we move forward, I'll be keeping you updated and posting useful links through this website. I hope everyone is excited and ready to rock n roll! 



  • Update #2 - 8/31

    Hey Everybody! We are starting things tomorrow and I wanted to tell you a few things you'll need for tomorrow...1) Don't Forget to Bring a Charged Chromebook  2) We'll be using Google Classroom (if you are all Virtual - I have emailed you the class code) and everybdoy else we'll be getting logged in tomorrow or Wednesday. I know things we'll be a little different but we're still going to have an awesome time this semester! 


    Update #1 - 8/17

    Hello Everybody - Just to keep up with everything - both Virtual and In Person learners will starts September 1st. Check back on the website closer to that date for more details and useful links for class. Hope everyone is doing well and is getting excited for an awesome semester. 

  • Useful Links


    These are going to be some useful tools for you to utilize this semester. I'll be adding to this list as we go along......


    1) Course Syllabus 


    2) Module Guide - Use this gudie to help keep pace of each module through the semester