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    Anatomy and physiology is an advanced course in which students will explore the anatomy and physiology of humans.  This course is challenging and is recommended for all college-bound students, particularly those interested in the sciences, medicine or nursing.  This is an introductory course.  Success in this course requires memorization, teamwork, and presentation skills. Due to Covid-19, this year will be very different from any other year.  Please keep the communication line between student and teacher open.  All questions are important and will be answered in a timely manner.

    Remind Code - mooanatomy


            Bellwork:  You will have a short bellwork assignment at the beginning of the class period.  In many cases your bellwork assignment will be a “word of the day”.  The “word of the day” will be posted on the board.  Students should quickly and quietly define this word at the beginning of each block (the first 5 minutes of class).  If you are absent, please check online for the word of the day.  On virtual learning days or for those students who are participating in 100% virtual learning, please define all words that are posted as “word of the day”.  You are also responsible for completing all other bellwork assignments as these assignments will in many cases, test your knowledge of previous topics.


    1. 1.  Homework/classwork/virtual assignments will have a due date. Assignments not turned in by the due date will be considered late. For each day that an assignment is late (past the due date), 10% of the possible score will be deducted.  After 5 days late, the assignment will not be accepted and the student will receive a score of zero. 


    1. 2. All work should be kept in a 3-ringed binder and organized in modules. Please keep your notebook organized so that assignments can be found quickly.  This will also make it much easier to study the material.


    • Make-Up Work:  The policy for makeup work is determined by WMHS.  This information should be found in the student handbook.  The following was the make-up work policy for the year 2019-2020.  Once the student handbook is available, any changes of this policy will be discussed with the students. Students are permitted to make-up all work missed when the absence is excused; however, students must adhere to the guidelines listed in the student handbook.  The student is responsible for contacting the teacher to obtain make-up assignments.  Unless special provisions are made with the teacher, principal, and/ or her designee, all work must be made up within a period of three school days.  Failure to make up daily work within the three day period will result in a grade of “F/0” for those specific assignments.


    At WMHS, each student is allowed to make up work for three unexcused absences per class per semester.  After three unexcused absences in a class, the student may be expected to make up the work missed, but will receive zeroes for the missed assignments.  A student is counted absent from a class if he/she misses more than one-half of the class block.  

    1. Please see the current WMHS Student Handbook for additional questions concerning attendance policies and procedures.  
    2. It is your responsibility to get missed assignments from the teacher.


     If a student is caught cheating or assists another student in cheating on any assignment, the student(s) will receive a zero for that assignment along with disciplinary action.  Additional information can be found in the WMHS Student Handbook.

            Notebook:    Includes notes, worksheets, and laboratories.

            Grading Plan:  Per Augusta County Schools the grading policies for this class are as follows:

    50% Major Assessments (Summative)

    40% Minor Assessments (Formative)

    10% Practice/Participation


    To better understand these policies, please read the following(www.cmu.edu)


    Summative Assessment:  The goal of a summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit by comparing it against some standard or benchmark.  Summative assessments have high point values.  Examples are:  midterm exam, a project, unit tests, and quizzes.


    Formative Assessment:  The goal of a formative assessment is to monitor student learning to provide ongoing feedback that can be used by instructors to improve their teaching and by students to improve their learning.  Examples are:  concept maps, worksheets, labs, (CLASSWORK and HOMEWORK).

    In this class, practice/participation will include attendance and short bell work assignments (ex: word of the day). 

    Grading Scale:

    98-100 A+

    92-97 A

    90-91 A-

    88-89 B+

    82-87 B

    80-81 B-

    78-79 C+

    72-77 C

    70-71 C-

    68-69 D+

    62-67 D

    60-61 D-

      0-59 F


    It is very important for students to do their very best on each assignment.

            Additional Information on Missed Work

    1. It is the student’s responsibility to consult the teacher concerning missed assignments. At the end of each day, the material for the day will be placed in a folder.  It is the student’s responsibility to check the folder for missed work on the day that they return.


    1.  Assignments will be posted on the internet.  Therefore, all students will have access to the daily assignments.  If you are absent, please check for posted assignments or contact your teacher.


    1.   If a student is absent on the day of a test or quiz the student and the teacher will jointly plan a makeup day.  However, these assignments should be made-up within one week of the initial scheduled assessment.  In many cases, return blocks will be used for the making up of assessments. It is very important that students not miss new material because they are making up a missed assignment. Please note: If a student is present for the test/quiz review the student should be prepared to take the assessment the day that he/she returns to school.  


          • Three Ring Binder with Dividers for each unit(we can make dividers)
          • Paper
          • Colored Pencils and/or Markers
          • #2 Pencils & Pens (Blue or Black Ink Only)
          • Index Cards
          • Calculator
          • Scissors
          • Glue stick
          • chromebook 

    Binder:  Your binder will be a very important part of this class.  The purpose of a binder is to keep your class materials organized.  Put all assignments in your binders as soon as you get them.  Do not put them in your backpack to sort later.  Binder checks can happen at any time with no prior notice!  Organization is the key to success!!!!!

    • Technology:  Students should come to class each day with a fully charged chrome book, charger, and ear buds (headphones). Students are expected to follow the teacher's instructions concerning chrome book use. Please bring your chromebook to class each day.  Due to the pandemic, there will be no sharing of computers.

    If the student fails to make up major work, such as a term paper or project, the teacher may assign an “I”.


    The above make-up work and major assignment work policies are per WMHS Student Handbook policy.


    **** This can be a difficult course.  Please be prepared to study!!!!!

Last Modified on August 7, 2020