• Earth Science Distance Learning Expectations

    Mr. Weiss

    The following guidelines should be practiced while students are distance learning outside of the classroom:

    • Students should try their hardest to determine a consistent time and location to engage in their coursework each day.
    • Students are expected to spend at least approximately one hour per day on coursework for this course.

    • Students should have a writing utensil and a notebook or binder with paper while engaging in coursework for this course. This will be helpful for students because they may want to write out calculations, draw diagrams, and record other important information.

    • Students should frequently check Canvas and their email for any important information or updates related to this course.

    • Students are expected to be cooperative and respectful when engaging in coursework for this course, especially with regard to discussions and group projects.

    • Students are expected to use their own wording when completing coursework for this course. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

    • Students should try their hardest to limit distractions within and around their workspace (put your phone away, turn off the television, etc.).

    • Students should have headphones or earbuds available in order to listen to lectures, videos, and demonstrations more clearly.

    • Students should email me when they need help with this course.