• Parenting Classes by Office on Youth

    Please contact Central Shenandoah Valley Office on Youth at (540) 942-6757 to register for any of the classes listed below:

       -  Loving Solutions

    • 10-week series providing information and support presented by the Office on Youth
    • "Major chore or homework issues? ADHD? Time outs not working?"--> Concrete, proven techniques for the toughest of kids

       -  Active Parenting

    • http://www.activeparenting.com/
    • A video and discussion program for parents of children ages 5-12

       - The Parent Project

    • Find resources to help: dramatically reduce arguments with your child, improve school attendance and performance

    Children with Incarcerated Parents

    Camp Overlook

    •  Camp Overlook is held every November in Harrisonburg, VA
    • "A unique camp experience for children in grades 2-6 of incarcerated parents"
    • "Focuses on self-esteem, conflict resolution, handling anger, and how to share feelings"
    • "Children are reassured that they are not responsible for the actions of their parents and should not feel ashamed"
    • "The camp is intended to help these children see ways to break patterns that may lead them into similar circumstances that their parent(s) are experiencing."
    • "There is a volunteer mentor for every 2 campers"
    • "All volunteers are screened and have completed background checks. They are committed to giving these children an uplifting weekend and will remain in mail contact throughout the school year"
    • "Almost everything that is needed (except clothing) will be provided"
    • Applications available in the Fall
    • This camp is not sponsored by or affiliated with Augusta County Public Schools.


    Camp Dragonfly 

    • "A weekend camp held in September for children and teens ages 6-18 who have experienced the loss, by death, of a parent, sibling, grandparent, friend, or someone significant in their life"
    • "This camp is provided free of charge to campers"
    • http://www.augustahealth.com/camp-dragonfly
    • Contact inforation: (540) 932-4909 or (540) 332-4909


    Additional Resources

    1) The Valley Mission 

    • "Temporary shelter, laundry facilities, hygiene items, infant needs, school supplies, meals, thrift store vouchers, food boxes for families in the neighborhood, referral services, limited utility services"
    • http://valleymission.net/

    2) Augusta Free Dental Clininc

    • Contcat Information: (540) 332-5619 or (540) 932-5619

    3) Augusta Regional Free Clinic

    • Contact Information: (540) 332-5606

    4) Temporary Assistance through Safe & Healthy Families

    • Call (540) 245-5800, listen to automated menu until prompted for Winter Energy Assistance
    • Salvation Army: (540) 885-8157, ask to speak with Social Worker
    • Corinne Brace, Service Worker. 245-5914 (energy assistance)

    5) Libraries:

    • Augusta County Library: (540) 885-3961 or (540) 949-6354
    • Middlebrook Library Station
    • Churchville Branch Library
    • Craigsville Library Station
    • Deerfield Library Station
    • Waynesboro Library: (540) 942-6746
    • Staunton Library: (540) 332-3902