• opportunity  Opportunities for Gifted Students

    Academic Team:  Teams may qualify for Local, Regional, State and National competitions
    Debate:  Local, Regional and State competitions
    Forensics:  Local, Regional and State competitions
    Drama:  One Act Play competition, Spring production
    Band :  Marching and Concert, District Band, All County Band, State Band and other band competitions that the director may chose for the band to participate.
    Chorus:  All County Chorus, District and State Chorus
    Environmental Science Club--Opportunity to serve the community by improving the earth in the southern part of the county
    Yearbook: Opportunity to explore writing and art skills
    E-Sports through VHSL
    AP classes:  English 12, History, Government and Math
    Dual Enrollment classes
    Shenandoah Valley Governor School:  math and science, humanities, and art

    If you are interested in applying to one of these schools, you need to click on this link and fill out the all information by November 1.

    A variety of field trips are planned each year for Gifted Students to various locations that address a variety of interests of our students.  There are a certain number of tickets purchased for students (depending on the activity) to use on a first come/first serve basis.
    Shenandoah Valley Governor School Open House:  TBD
Last Modified on August 28, 2020