Elementary Mathematics - Welcome!   

    Augusta County Schools is committed to providing instruction which supports a balanced math program.  Students are expected to develop a strong conceptual understanding of mathematics, to attain proficiency in essential skills and basic facts, and to become effective problem solvers. 

     Student Resources - Students have year-round access to these online resources: 

    Teachers, if you have not yet established a teacher account for either resource, contact Laurie Biser for information. 

    Teacher Resources:

    The 2018 Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) Institutes provided training that focused on implementing the 2016 Mathematics Standards of Learning; strengthening the teaching and learning of mathematics through facilitating meaningful mathematical discourse; and supporting equitable mathematics learning opportunities for all students. 

    The Mathematics Vertical Articulation Tool (MVAT) – 2016 provides support in identifying concepts aligned to the 2016 Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL) that articulate across mathematics grade levels or courses. Different formats of the MVAT are available for use as an instructional or remediation planning tool.

    Algebra Readiness Remediation Plans and Formative Assessment Items – 2016 SOL

    Mathematics Instructional Plans (MIPs) – 2016 SOL, formerly known as Enhanced Scope and Sequence Lessons, and Co-Teaching Mathematics Instructional Plans – 2016 SOL, providing suggestions utilizing six common co-teaching approaches, are now available

    Co-teaching Mathematics Instructional Plans (2016 SOL) – includes instructional plans aligned to the 2016 Mathematics Standards of Learning created by teachers participating in the Excellence for Co-teaching initiative. These plans include suggestions to enhance lessons and activities in a co-taught classroom.

    Mathematics Vocabulary Word Wall Cards (2016 SOL) (K-8, Algebra I, Geometry, AFDA, and Algebra II) – provide a display of mathematics content words and associated visual cues to assist in vocabulary development.

    Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) – includes CAT informational videos and resources

    Instructional Videos for Teachers – instructional videos intended for teachers to support implementation of the 2016 Mathematics Standards of Learning

    SOL Practice Items in TestNav 8 - provide examples of the content aligned to the 2016 Mathematics Standards of Learning and opportunities to practice with the online tools and features that are available in TestNav 8 during online SOL testing.

    Additional Mathematics Instructional Resources – other instructional resources to support student learning of the Mathematics Standards of Learning

    Online Calculator in Revised Mathematics Standards of Learning Tests Beginning in Spring 2019: Beginning with the spring 2019 test administration, the revised Standards of Learning assessments measuring the 2016 Mathematics Standards of Learning that are administered online will include access to an online calculator from VA Desmos within the secure online test delivery software, TestNav. Refer to Superintendent’s Memo #144-18
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