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    Augusta County Schools is committed to providing instruction which supports a balanced math program.  Students are expected to develop a strong conceptual understanding of mathematics, to attain proficiency in essential skills and basic facts, and to become effective problem solvers. 

    IXL is available again this year. If you have not yet established a class account, contact Laurie Biser for account information.


    NEW!  Released Tests & Item Sets
    Released tests are representative of the content and skills included in the VaSOL tests and are provided to assist in understanding the format of the tests and questions.  PDF documents for tests and test item sets released in Spring 2014 show images of the test items as they appeared in an online test format. Access item sets, available as a PDF or an Online Version, for Gr. 3 - Algebra II here

    UPDATED! SOL Practice Items including Technology-Enhanced Items and Practice Guides 

    In April 2013, additional practice items for each SOL mathematics test were posted on the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) Web site.   Practice items provided examples of new content included in the 2009 SOL, the increased rigor reflected in the new SOL, and the new technology-enhanced items. The sets of practice items and the guides are posted on the Virginia Department of Education Web site  Please note that the practice items are samples only.  They do not cover all mathematics content for the grade level or course, nor do they provide examples of all types of functionality that may be found in the test items.
    UPDATED! Statewide Analysis of Mathematics SOL Tests - Grades 3-8
    Number and Number Sense Modules for Grades K-5
    The previously released Number and Number Sense Modules for Grades K-5 have now been realigned, edited, and updated to reflect the 2009 Mathematics Standards of Learning.  You can find direct links to the grade-level lesson plans through the Mathematics Instructional Resources Web site on the ‘Elementary School’ tab.
    Online Practice Tools for Elementary SOL Assessments
    The online Mathematics Tools Practice allows students to practice using the online tools (such as the ruler, protractor or compass) available within TestNav, the online testing software used in Virginia. All tools that are available for any grades 3-8 test are provided within the Grades 3-8 Tools Practice. Likewise, all tools that are available for any EOC test are provided within the End-of-Course Tools Practice. This means that the tools included within each application do not necessarily indicate the tools that will be available for a particular test.
    To reference the tools available for a particular online mathematics test, see Online Tools Available on the Mathematics SOL Tests (PDF).
    Enhanced Scope and Sequence (ESS) Sample Lesson Plans for Grades K-5
    Note that the database of sample lesson plans is searchable by keyword or by selecting individual SOL.  Files are provided in .pdf (PDF) format by default, but if you access files by selecting individual SOL in the table of SOL, you can also access the .doc (MS WORD) version of each file. 
    Instructional Videos for Teachers
    The Instructional Videos for Teachers Web site provides another support for the implementation of the 2009 Mathematics Standards of Learning (SOL). 
    Mathematics Vocabulary Word Wall Cards for Grades K-5
    Mathematics vocabulary word wall cards provide a display of mathematics content words and associated visual cues to assist in vocabulary development. The cards should be used as an instructional tool for teachers and then as a reference for all students, particularly English learners and students with disabilities.  The vocabulary word wall cards are posted in both PDF and DOCX format and are available for grades K-5 at this time.  

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