• Technology Department Rules



    1. Use common sense and conduct yourself appropriately.

    2. Show respect for other students and teachers.

    3. Be prepared with pen/pencil etc.

    4. No sneakers or sandals allowed. Students must wear shoes or boots.

    5. Short pants are not allowed.

    6. No hats

    7. The shop must be cleaned after every class.

    8. No students are allowed in the teacher’s office.

    9. Upon entering the class, you must place your book bag in the

    designated area, remove materials and supplies that you will

    need during the class and be seated prior to the start of class.

    10. No talking or using equipment during announcements.

    11. All accidents and broken/damaged equipment must be reported to the teacher.

    12. No running or horseplay allowed.

    13. No CD players or cell phones are allowed.

    14. Safety first, last and always wear your safety glasses!