• Athletic Department Mission Statement

    Riverheads High School
    Home of the Gladiators

    The following material is a presented to you because your son or daughter has decided to become a member of an athletic team here at Riverheads High School.  As a parent, your involvement can be very rewarding.  We believe that participation in sports provides many opportunities and experiences which assist in personal growth and development.  The administration, the faculty and the coaches who are concerned with the total educational development of young people feel that a properly controlled, well organized sports program meets the students’ needs for self-expression, mental alertness, self esteem and physical growth.  It is our hope to maintain a program that is sound in purpose and will further each students’ educational maturity. 


    Successfully fulfilling the dual role of a student and athlete is not an easy task.  A student who elects to participate in athletics is voluntarily making a choice of self-discipline and sacrifice.  These are the reasons why we place an emphasis on good training habits and conduct.  This concept of self-discipline and sacrifice is tempered by our responsibility to recognize the right of the individual within the objective of the team.  In order to be successful, students must work toward achieving the same goal.  It literally does make “team work” both on and off the playing field & court and the willingness to sometimes sacrifice individual goals for the good of the team.  This requires responsible behavior, open communication and personal accountability.  Failure to comply within the set of forthcoming guidelines is not only detrimental to yourself, but also to those individuals who are working with you to be successful.


    It is a privilege and not a right to be a member of the Riverheads High School team.  The school has the authority to revoke this privilege when a student does not conduct him/herself in an acceptable manner.


    Our goals are simple--- to provide a positive athletic experience for our student-athletes, coaches, parents and fans.  It is our hope that, now and always, our student-athletes are PROUD to be a part of the high school athletic program.  The aims of the athletic program are set on developing a high level of competition without losing sight of educational values such as sportsmanship, honor, dedication, determination, hard work, loyalty, tradition, commitment, team work, scholastic attainment, leadership and a strong sense of respect for self and others. 


    We want to THANK YOU in advance for your support.  We want to invite you to join us in a united effort to positively make a difference in the lives of these student-athletes.  Our goal is to lead them into becoming well-rounded, productive and drug-free citizens.  As parents, coaches, teachers and administrators, we all want to believe that we have done everything possible to provide them with an opportunity to reach their dreams as students, as athletes and as people in our society.