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    The Virginia High School League Homepage

    This link will take you to the governing body for high school athletics in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  The Mission of the Virginia High School League is the formation of a governing body to instill the values of sportsmanship, fair play, citizenship, and character for many of activities found in public schools.  While many think that the VHSL governs only sports, this organization also provides leadership and regulations for a variety of academic areas to include drama, forensics, and debate teams.

    Click on the link to access the VHSL forms page.  For parents, the file link below is a PDF version of the VHSL Physical form.  (If you do not have an Acrobat Reader, please access the VHSL Forms webpage to download this software.)
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    Click on this link to access the NCAA Homepage. 
    The National Council of Amateur Athletics was formed in 1905 to assist with problems originating with the manner in which football was being played.  Although the original mission has changed from that of being a rules advisory committee, the NCAA has sought to assist in the governance of student athlete conduct and eligibility as well as governance for play and championship determination.  Access to this website will allow those interested to find essential information concerning eligibility for collegiate athletics and the governance of those programs. 
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    NCAA Eligibility Center Link

    An additional link is provided for those students and parents specifically interested in finding out more information for College Athletic eligibility for all divisional levels.