1. The student should bring a pen and pencil to class. All notes should be taken in ink, but all problems should be worked in pencil.
    2. All notes should be copied in a bound composition book. Students will also need looseleaf paper for lab write-ups.
    3. The student will need a calculator with scientific notation.
    Textbooks and lab manuals will be provided. Do NOT write or highlight in either book. The student is responsible for studying the text carefully and using it as a source of knowledge.
    Chemistry is a lab science. Every effort will be made to engage the student in as many lab activities as possible. Written reports will be required for each lab exercise.
    1. The county grading scale will be used. Refer to the student handbook for the grading scale, diploma  and graduation requirements.
    2. Credit will only be given to work turned in on time.
    3. A point system will be used so that 50% come from major assignments, 40% come from minor assignments and 10% come from hoomework.
    4. If you are absent, ALL work will be made up the following day (homework, test or quiz).
    5. The student is responsible for making up any missed assignments and checking the board daily for assignments.
    Because the possibility of real danger exists in the lab, you must follow all safety rules.
    1. No horseplay in the lab.
    2. Use the lab facilities for the purposes intended.
    3. No unauthorized experiments.