Riverheads High School Special Education Department


           Strategies Course Syllabus  


    Instructors: Mrs. Conyers and Mrs. Trout


    Course Description: Strategies is designed to address the diverse learning needs and modifications of students.   Reading, writing, and vocabulary are emphasized daily for all students. Daily "Dear Time" (Drop Everything and Read) is implemented daily.Individual learning needs will be supported, as well as transition services, career education, social skills, and math.


    Course Policies: This course will adhere to all county, school and student policies.  Individual class rules will be discussed per teacher/class.


    Required Materials: Students are responsible daily for having a three ring binder, a marbled notebook, and pens or pencils.


    Text: There is no required text for this course.  However, students are responsible for bringing texts for their other classes, as needed to complete work for those classes.

    Grading: 50% of the grade will be determined by classwork/participation, 25% major assignments and 25% minor assignments
    Final Exam: This course will have a final activity given in accordance with the county’s exam policies.