Señora Montague


    El Syllabus de Español II/III



    Classroom Expectations

    Be Respectful.

    To fellow students

    To me

    Me to you all :)

    No eating, gum chewing or candy.

                    Clear water is okay


    Class starts on time

    Students will be issued a hall pass at each progress report and report card.  It will have six spaces and any space that is not used will count as extra credit on the final exam.  Do not lose them because they will not be replaced!

      • Late: sign in with a pass
      • No pass: three times means you get to spend time with me after school.

    Be prepared for class

      • Come with your supplies (books, notebooks, pens,etc…)

    Be open: We’re all here to learn (that includes me).

            Come to class each day ready to learn.  We will have activities for each class period and all students are expected to participate. Respect is essential in all classes, but especially in a foreign language class.  No one should be discourteous by laughing or joking about their fellow classmate’s Spanish speaking ability.  It is tough to learn a new language, which makes it important for all to re-frame from making negative comments.  Any contrary action will result in an afterschool detention.  I want everyone to enjoy learning the language and culture of others.

    Because this is an upper level class, students are expected to speak mostly Spanish.  There will be cases in which speaking English will help with comprehension.  Also, this is the class where all of the previous Spanish knowledge is reviewed and combined with new information.  We will be writing papers, watching movies and having in depth discussions, all in Spanish.


               ¡Qué chévere! Level 2

               Our entire book series is online, so be ready!  Other print/online material will be included throughout the year.



    o     Each assignment will have its own point value. For example, a homework assignment may be worth 10 points and a quiz maybe worth 40.

    Grades will be distributed as the following:

    • 50% Major Assessments (Summative)
    • 40% Minor Assessments (Formative)
    • 10% Practice/Participation


    o      Binders should be divided into 4 sections in Spanish: Notes, Class-work, Bingo Boards & Culture.  I will,without notice, come and check notebooks as a quiz grade.

    o    Students can feel free to come to me before or after school to get an update on their grade or ask any questions.  Each student is responsible for keeping track of his/her work.  It is therefore,important for everyone to keep assignments in their notebooks.  

    o   Late work: Late homework will not be accepted. All assignments should be turned in on the due date.  If there are any factors that may contribute to work being turned in late, such as a death in the family, an illness or other circumstances, students should come in and speak with me individually.


    I will announce the homework assignments each day at the end of each class period.  I will also give the students assignment sheets to put in the front of their notebooks.


    We will do a number of in class activities.  These may include, but are not limited to:group conversations, worksheets, audio exercises, games and more.  Each activity will be assigned its own point value.


        In order to learn a new language, we have to use it!  Be prepared for TONS of conversations, presentations and other activities that may be performed in front of the class and/or recorded.  You will need to use information from Spanish 1, so be sure to continue to review.


    Our quizzes will be frequent.  This allows the student, and I, to have a good idea of how well everyone comprehends the material.

    Class Participation

     Being actively engaged is important in order to learn a new language, so I take class participation very seriously.  If you are absent, you will need to work hard on the days that you are present in order to make up for speaking/practice opportunities that were missed.  Participation includes, but is not limited to the following:  Speaking Spanish ( I expect that you'll use what you are learning), being prepared, actively engaging in activities, working well in groups or with partners, following directions.


    There will be a test with each unit of study, as well as a project.  The quizzes will be previews for the tests and we will always do a variety of in-class reviewing.  I will also offer after school review sessions before tests.


    Extra credit will be added to existing assignments and will not exceed 10 points.  Please select at least TRES options for where you would like your crédito extra.  I will make the final decision in reference to which assignments can/cannot include the extra credit points.

    Extra credit options are the following (please also refer to the link on my page):

    -Purchasing small samples of authentic Latin American/Spanish food

    -Reading poetry.  They will recite, from memory, a Spanish poem.  I will need to preview it the day before and I will listen for appropriate pronunciation and intonation. Poems can be found in their books, online and in the public library.  

    -You all will be permitted to bring/read items ONE TIME each 4 ½ weeks.  

    -With each progress report and report card, students will receive one hall pass with 8 spaces.  Those will count as extra credit on the final exam, as will their homework passes that they will receive throughout the semester.  Once they use all of the spaces on the hall pass for that time period, they will not be issued another until the next. They will still have the opportunity to leave class when necessary.


    Wilson has its own honor code and everyone is expected to abide by it.  In a foreign language class, there are other issues.  No one is permitted to use a translator for their assignments.  The only way to learn is by doing it yourself, messing up and then learning how to fix those mistakes.  Any assignment done in this manner will not be counted.

    Online Assignments

    Almost each week, students will be given an online assignment that will be due the following week. Each one will be worth a certain amount of points, depending on the particular assignment.  If access to a computer/internet at home is an issue, please see me right away.  We will have computers in class three days out of the week and students are always welcomed to access the computers in the library during lunch periods, before school, after school and during return blocks.

    Office Hours

    o I will have office hours on Monday mornings from 7:45 to 8:05 and on Wednesday afternoons from 3:15 until 4pm.  Please be sure to also utilize the return block.  Please note that it is important to come prepared with whichever materials will be necessary.  Please know exactly which assignments you may need to make up or what information you want to practice.    


    o   Whenever You are not present for class, it is your responsibility to go to the make-up work binder.  This can be before school, after school, or during a free period.  Everyone has a total of three days from the day they return, to get all of the work in.  After that time period, it will no longer be accepted and will count as zeros.


    speak spanish GIF by Speedy G Towing

    I hope this will be a wonderful year. Let’s work together and enjoy learning!!!!

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