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    Why join the Ruri-teens?

    Who are the Ruri-Teens?
    The Fishersville chapter of the Ruritans has been in existence for over 60 years and is a vital part of the local community.  It is made up of citizens, both old and young who have a dedication to making our community a better place by promoting individual involvement through volunteerism.
    The Wilson Memorial High School Chapter of the Ruri-Teens was rechartered in January 2008 after being disbanded two years ago. 


    Why join the Ruri-Teens?

          Volunteering through community service projects helps our school, community, and world be a better place.

          Hours served can be listed on college applications towards acceptance as a part of the Virginia Department of Education standards for earning a Standard or Advanced Studies Diploma.  Civics education requires in part that students must complete “50 hours of voluntary participation in community service or extracurricular activities including participating in school-sponsored extracurricular activities that have a Civics focus.” Ruri-Teens meet this definition completely.

          Seniors have the opportunity to earn the Youth Achievement Award which is a scholarship fund up to $500 offered to members. 

    Why are community service opportunities important when applying to higher education institutions?

    The majority of four-year colleges and universities are looking for students who are diverse in their experiences.  These students work to not only meet graduation requirements, but have become productive citizens in their own communities and who will bring that experience to the university atmosphere.  They also want students who see outside of their own sphere of influence to make a difference in the lives of others.  Ruri-Teens help provide that experience.

    From a recent sampling of Virginia colleges and universities, all those listed below asked the applicant to supply information concerning extra-curricular activities, functions, clubs, leaderships, honors, etc. as part of the application process.


          Virginia Tech

          James Madison

          University of Virginia

          Bridgewater College

          Virginia Military Institute

          Washington And Lee

          Radford University

          Longwood University

          Virginia Commonwealth University

          William And Mary

          Old Dominion University

    The Youth Achievement Award

    Ruri-Teen seniors serving in the club for 2 years or more can apply for the Youth Achievement Award. Unlike most awards, qualified applicants planning to pursue any of the following post-secondary routes can apply:

    ·         College

    ·         Apprentice/Trade School

    ·         Military Service

    ·         Workforce

    Jussy Hall was the 2008 recipient of this scholarship.


Last Modified on October 1, 2009