• Computer Technician's Apprenticeship Program

    The Augusta County School Board’s apprenticeship program for computer technicians became effective on July 1, 2007.  This voluntary program establishes guidelines for computer technicians to attain higher pay as well as an official certificate granted by the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Division of Registered Apprenticeship.  The program rewards both competence and persistence since technicians enrolled in the program must demonstrate a large degree of both.  The primary benefits of the school division are, first, the ability to retain valuable employees who otherwise might leave a traditionally lower-paying school division job for a better-paying one in the private sector, and second, the ability to attract better-qualified candidates by offering an objective, clearly-defined path to better pay. 

    The pay raises offered in the program accompany accomplishment at three different levels of competency.  These levels have no formal name, but for convenience and ease-of-understanding, we will call them Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3.  These three tiers are mileposts, so to speak, along the way to completion of the full apprenticeship program and the granting of the certification of Master Computer Technician.  Tier 2 is more difficult to attain that Tier 1, and Tier 3 is more difficult than Tier 2.  The pay raise for successfully completing each tier’s requirements, respectively, is 5%, 10%, and 15%.  The raise is permanent and in addition to any other raise the employee might receive during the course of each year’s contract renewal.


    The program’s requirements consist of elements from four areas:
    • Core courses (classes available at Valley Vocational Technical Center)

    • Demonstration of technical competency (most often by passing a qualified certification test)

    • On-the-job training (OJT) time (some of which the supervisor, at his discretion, may waive)

    • Supervisory recommendation (most often as a result of an acceptable annual performance review.

    Core courses title include:   (Business) Communications, Behaviors of Successful People, and First Aid/CPR.  As with the following pool of options to satisfy the technical competency requirements, the Core course offerings may change over time due to, among other reasons, course availability and changes or advances in technology.  The supervisor will notify those in the program—as far in advance as feasible—when such alterations in the program structure will occur.


    At the moment, the pool of technical requirements from which employees may choose is as follows:
    • MCSA—Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator

    • Demonstrable prowess with three operating systems (Windows (Xp, Vista, and Server 2003), OS X, a Linux distribution)—prowess meaning the ability to install, set up and configure, and maintain each of these as both a client and a server in a networked environment; skills needed include setting up users and groups, assigning permissions, managing shared resources, and setting up/managing DNS, DHCP, web, mail services, etc. 

    • Comptia (Computing Technology Industry Association) A+, Linux+, Network+, Server+. Security+, and Printing and Document Imaging certfications

    • CCNA—Cisco Certified Network Associate

    • MCSE—Microsoft Certified Systems Engneer


    The table below offers a snapshot of the program.



    Tier 1

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Pay Raise




    Core Courses





    (technical requirements)

    MCSA or

    CCNA or

    Two Comptia Certifications or Prowess with 3 OS’s

    Any 2 items in

    Tier 1

    MCSE or

    All the items in

    Tier 1


    2 years

    (1 year waivable)

    4 years

    (2 years waivable)

    6 years

    Good Performance Review





    Dates of Importance:

    • Effective April 1, 2009, there is no longer a designated "open enrollment" period for any apprenticeship programs.  An employee may enroll in the program at any time.   If you are interested in the apprenticeship program for your area of employment, please contact your supervisor/director.

    • The deadline for completion of course work and/or competency testing for completion on an apprenticeship level in order for a salary adjustment in the upcoming year is April 15th.


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