Augusta County School's Department of Transportation Apprenticeship Program



    Mission Statement:


    The Augusta County Schools Department of TransportationApprenticeship program has been developed with the sole intent of assisting the departmental employees in the endeavor of attaining knowledge and acquiringskills required or related to each employee’s job in the TransportationDepartment. Employees will benefit by having the ability to perform duties oftheir job in a more knowledgeable and efficient manner, and being compensatedin accordance with the additional training and certification they have receivedand demonstrated. The employer will benefit by having a more highly trained andqualified personnel, and will be more efficient in maintaining the schoolsystem’s transportation fleet.




    Participation in the Apprenticeship Program is VOLUNTARY.Employees who choose not to participate in the program will continue to workand progress on the Transportation staff pay scale. Employees who wish to participatewill be required to complete a prescribed course of study and a work processthat is determined by the Virginia Department of Labor and the employer.Registration in the apprentice program is required in order to receive thecertification once the requirements have been completed. Where appropriate,credit will be given for coursework already completed, and for work experience(processes) already completed. Documentation will be required for creditedcoursework or work experience.




    The required coursework will be determined according to therelated job description. A core curriculum will be determined according to therelated job description. A core curriculum consisting of seven courses willbe required of each employee. Trade related (ASE) courses would make up theremaining eight required courses. Coursework will be completed throughthe Valley Vocational Technical Center, except in instances where course arenot offered, or another institution offers where a course more specificallyrelated to the employers needs.



    The employer and/or a representative of VVTC will determinecredit for prior coursework. A course description, outline, or syllabus, alongwith evidence of completion of the course with a passing grade of “C” or betterwill be required as a minimum before credit is given for prior coursework. Thetotal hours of required coursework varies between the classes offered by VVTCand the classes offered for certification under the guideline of the AutomotiveService Excellence classes required for certification stated in the requiredcoursework. The two sets of classes do not have the same number ofinstructional contact hours. Typically, 175-585 hours of instructional time isrequired, and typically thirteen classes can be taken.



    The minimum requirement for work experience is set at 2000hours per year by the State Department of Labor and Industry. The scope of thework process for apprenticeship for the Augusta County Schools TransportationDepartment will be four years, or a total of 8000 hours. Credit may be givenfor up to 6000 hours (one year must be completed in the program) of properlydocumented work experience. Documentation of required work process completed isthe responsibility of the employee.


    Documentation can be requested from the current or formeremployers.





    1. Provided through VVTC, Fishersville, VA.
    2. Credit may be granted for courses successfully completed if course descriptions, outlines or syllabus is provided to determine the compatibility of courses.
    3. The required coursework must be successfully completed with a grade of “C”, or better, or must be marked “satisfactory”, or “pass”.
    4. Apprenticeship participants may take more than one class per session.
    5. The attendance Policy of the course provider must be adhered to at all times.
    6. ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) classes must be successfully completed and post course test passed in order to receive credit or reimbursement for courses taken.






    1. Required work process determined by the VA. Department of Labor and Industry.
    2. 8000 hours (2000 hours/year for 4 years) required for completion of apprenticeship.
    3. It is the responsibility of the apprentice to maintain documentation of the work processes he/she has completed.
    4. Credit may be given, based on supervisor’s recommendation, for prior work experience in directly related field.
    5. A minimum of 2000 hours must be worked while enrolled in the apprenticeship program.







    Successful completion of this apprenticeship program will entitleeach participant to receive certification in each of the required areas theparticipant will take instruction and successful completion of the tests of theNational Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.





    All Participants


















    Industrial Safety







    Technical Mathematics






    First Aide/CPR






    Basic Welding






    Beginning Computers






    Behaviors of Successful People












    Employees will be reimbursed up to $500.00 for courses successfully completed towards completion of program


    The cost of courses taken through VVTC will be established by Valley Vocational Technical Center






    Specifications forAutomobile And School Bus ASE Certification Tests


    Automotive Service Excellence


    ASE 1   Body Systems and Special Equipment                                                 50 hours

    a. Safety and Emergency Equipment Systems Diagnosis& Repair                                                   10hrs

    b.  Body &Interior Repair                                                                                                           14 hrs

    c. Installed Special Equipment Diagnosis &Repair                                                                        14 hrs

    d. Heating Systems Diagnosis & repair                                                                                       16 hrs



    ASE2      Diesel Engines                                                                                    55 Hours

    a. General Engine Diagnosis                                                                                                         15 hrs

    b. In-Chassis Engine Inspection and Repair                                                                                    7 hrs

    c. Lubrication and Cooling Systems Diagnosis andRepairs                                                                7 hrs

    d. Air Induction and Cooling Systems                                                                                            7 hrs

    e. Fuel Systems Diagnosis and Repair                                                                                           15 hrs

    f.  StartingSystems Diagnosis and Repair                                                                                       4 hrs







    ASE 3 Drive Train                                                                                  45 Hours

    a. Clutch Diagnosis                                                                                                            4 hrs

    b. Manual Transmissions Diagnosis                                                                                  4 hrs

    c. Automatic Transmissions Diagnosis and Repair                                                          22 hrs

    d. Drive Shaft and U-Joint Diagnosis and Repair                                                              5 hrs

    e. Drive Axle Diagnosis and Repair                                                                                 10 hrs



    ASE 4 Brakes                                                                                             55 Hours

    a. Air Brakes Diagnosis and Repair                                                                                    31 hrs

    b. Hydraulic Brakes Diagnosis and Repair                                                                         20 hrs

    c. Wheel Bearing Diagnosis and Repair                                                                               4 hrs



    ASE 5 Suspension and Starting                                                                  50 Hours

    a. Steering Systems and Diagnosis and Repair                                                                     17hrs

    b. Suspension Systems Diagnosis and Repairs                                                                    17 hrs

    c. Wheel Alignment                                                                                                               8 hrs

    d. Wheel and Tires                                                                                                                 6 hrs

    e. Frame Service and Repair                                                                                                  2 hrs



    ASE 6 Electrical/Electronics Systems                                                          45 Hours

    a. General Electrical Diagnosis                                                                                               7 hrs

    b. Battery Diagnosis                                                                                                               4 hrs

    c. Starting System Diagnosis                                                                                                  8 hrs

    d. Charging Systems                                                                                                               7 hrs

    e. Lighting Systems                                                                                                               15 hrs

    f. Gauges and Instruments Warning Devices                                                                          4 hrs


    ASE 7 Air Conditioning Systems and Controls                                         50 Hours


    a. A/C Systems Diagnosis                                                                                                      18 hrs


    b. A/C Component Diagnosis                                                                                                15 hrs


    c. Operating Systems and Related Controls Diagnosis                                                         14 hrs


    d. Refrigerant Recovery, Recycling and handling                                                                   3 hrs






    ASE T1 Gasoline Engines                                                                               60 Hours


    a. General Engine Diagnosis                                                                                                      11 hrs


    b. Cylinder Head and Valve Train Diagnosis                                                                             5 hrs


    c. Engine Block Diagnosis                                                                                                          5 hrs


    d. Lubrication and Cooling Systems Diagnosis                                                                          4 hrs


    e. Ignition Systems Diagnosis                                                                                                     7 hrs


    f. Fuel and Exhaust Systems                                                                                                       7 hrs


    g. Battery, Starting and Charging Systems                                                                                 6 hrs


    h. Emission Control Diagnosis and repair                                                                                   6 hrs


    i.  Computerized Engine Controls System Diagnosis                                                                 9 hrs





    Fees forASE Courses


    Registration                                                                                                $32.00

    Regular Test Fees                                                                                      $ 26.oo pertest                                             

    Advanced Level Test Fees                                                                        $ 52.00 per test

    Re-certification Tests                                                                                  $26.00 each does not include registration fee








    The completion of the coursework within the ApprenticeshipProgram can be completed over a two to six year timeframe.


    Employees may earn additions of 5 percent to fifteenpercent increases to salaries with successful completion of coursework and jobrelated experience.




    PAY RAISES: Employee’spay raise is based on the recommendation of the supervisor and the employee’sability to demonstrate the skills learned from completing the offered courses.




    2 year 

    Completion of 2 Core Courses and 3 ASE Courses                              5 classes   (5% Increase)


    4 year

    Completion of 4 Core Courses

    & 6 ASE Course                                                                                    10 classes   (5% Additional Increase)



    6 Year

    Completion of 7 Core Courses                                                             15 classes (5% Additional Increase)

    & 8 ASES Courses

                                                                                       Over the time period and with successful completion of

                                                                                       the fifteen courses, the employee could receive a total

                                                                                                                                 of fifteen percent increase of five percent increments

                                                                                                                                 in salary compensation.

    Participants may choose to take courses within the established curriculum in any order the employee chooses.

    Employees must have successfully completed all thirteen courses within the established curriculum to eligible for the maximum percentage pay increase.










    Transportation  (Garage) Employees





    Core Courses/Requirements



    Beginning Computers Intro to Windows XP


    Behaviors of Successful People


    Industrial Safety


    First Aide/CPR


    Basic Welding


    Technical Mathematics



    Trade Courses

    Automotive Service Excellence Courses


    ASE 1 Body Systems and Special Equipment


    ASE 2 Diesel Engines


    ASE 3 Drive Train


    ASE 4 Brakes


    ASE 5 Suspension and Starting


    ASE 6 Electrical/Electronics Systems


    ASE 7 Air Conditioning Systems and Controls


    ASE T1 Gasoline Engines



    Level 1

    5 % Pay increase w/successful completion of Level 1


    5 offered course must be completed (2 Core & 3 ASE Courses)


    2 years OJT (1 year may be waived



    Level 2

    An additional 5 % Pay Increase w/successful completion of Level 2


    10 offered courses must be completed (4 Core Course & 6 ASE Courses)


    4 years OJT (3 years may be waived)



    Level 3

    An additional 5 % Pay Increase w/ successful completion of Level 3


    All 15 offered courses must be completed  (7 Core Course & 8 ASE Course)


    6 years OJT 4 years may be waived


    Employees must be able to successfully demonstrate mastery of skills learned in class.

    Employees who take coursework must have on the job training to accompany each of the ASE courses offered.








    Departmentof Transportation

    EmployeeWork Processes




    AutoMechanic                                                                                    Hours



    A.    EngineRepair                                                                             900


    B.     AutomaticTransmission/Transaxle                                            800


    C.     ManualDrive Train and Axles                                                   600


    D.    Suspensionand Steering                                                             600


    E.     Brakes                                                                                         700


    F.      Electrical/ElectronicSystems                                                     800


    G.    Heatingand Air Conditioning                                                    800


    H.    EnginePerformance                                                                   900


    I.       GasolineEngines                                                                         900


    J.       DieselEngines                                                                           1000                                






                                                                                                    Total Hours: 8000












    Automotive/EquipmentRepair Technician             Hours




    A.    Lubrication                                                                                      800


    B.     Suspension                                                                                      800


    C.     Transmission& Clutch                                                                  1000                                                              


    D.    Brakes                                                                                            1000                                                   


    E.     Tune-up                                                                                          2000                                            


    F.      Hydraulics                                                                                       500


    G.    CoolingSystem                                                                              500


    H.    ElectricalSystem                                                                           1000


    I.       Accessories                                                                                    400




                                                                                                                  Total Hours:  8000








    DieselTechnician                                                                                     Hours




    A.    Cleaningand Inspection of Parts                                                          2160


    1.    Cylinder Heads


    2.    Cylinder Blocks and Liners




    B.     Fueland Electrical                                                                                1200


    C.     WaterCooling System                                                                          500


    D.    Clutch                                                                                                    280


    E.     Transmission                                                                                         480


    F.      Drive-Line                                                                                             520


    G.    Brakes:Servicing and Repair                                                                880


    1.    Pneumatic


    2.    Hydraulic


    3.    Machine drums, discs and limitations thereto


    4.    Retarders




    H.    HydraulicSystems                                                                                300


    I.       Welding                                                                                                 240


    J.       Serviceand Repair of Suspension and Steering Systems                      680


    K.    NoiseMeasurement and Control                                                           220


    L.     ExhaustEmissions                                                                                220


    M.   CabWork                                                                                              320






                                                                                                                  Total Hours:  8000













































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