• Welcome to the WMHS School Counseling Department!

    Our Department is open from 7:45-4:30 each day.  

    Email is the best way to reach Counselors right now.

    (540) 886-4286


    Loree Landes
    Counseling Secretary
     Kim Long
    Counselor Coordinator:
    Students with Last Names A-E


     Jennifer Lawhorn
    School Counselor:
    Students with Last Names N-Z

    Mikhal Salzberg
    School Counselor:
    Students with Last Names F-M

    Career Coach

    Sarah Morris  

    Career Coach



    Susan Arritt

    Susan Arritt

    Grasp Advisor: 

    Thursdays 9:00am-3:00pm


    Our Mission

    The goal of the WMHS Counseling Team is to develop a comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the personal/social, academic, and career development of all students.  We are committed to helping students develop and successfully complete an educational plan that meets graduation requirements and fits students’ personal needs, interests, abilities, and career aspirations.  We believe it is important to empower the students to be active members of society and encourage lifelong learning.


    Reasons to Visit

    ·        Register for enrollment at WMHS

    ·        Receive assistance with career/college planning

    ·        Receive assistance with a personal crisis/difficult issue

    ·        Receive assistance if you are concerned about a friend/family member

    ·        Learn more about PSAT/SAT/ACT assessments

    ·        Begin the process to obtain a work permit

    ·        Learn about your graduation requirements

    ·        Find out about SOL requirements and how to receive assistance with SOL preparation

    ·        Look at career-related books, magazines, and brochures

    ·        Look for scholarships in the scholarship filing cabinet

    ·        Look at college handbooks and other college promotional materials

    ·        Ask for a recommendation letter from your counselor

    ·        Receive a copy of your transcript or have your transcript sent somewhere

    ·        Schedule your classes or change your schedule

    ·        Receive assistance with an academic issue

    ·        Talk with a college admissions representative or military recruiter

    ·        Find out about financial aid for college

    ·        Find out about classes offered at VVTC

    ·        Find out about leadership opportunities, conferences, and summer programs