• Earth Science SOL Review

    Released SOL tests are available at Jefferson Lab.  Taking old SOL's is one of the best ways to review and prepare for the Earth Science SOL.  Jefferson Lab can be accessed at http://education.jlab.org/solquiz/index.html.  

    This PowerPoint covers important vocabulary for each unit.  This is a great way to get ready for your SOL!  SOL Vocabulary

    These diagrams cover important information from each unit.   Review Diagrams
    This is another PowerPoint that outlines some important concepts in Earth Science.  It was actually created by high school students and is very thorough.  
    Facts you should know for each unit.  An excellent "check list" before you take the SOL.  Also includes frequently used diagrams and test taking strategies. 
    facts you should know
    This is a great list of facts.  Read this before taking the SOL!!!
    More SOL "Must-Knows".   Look over this before taking the SOL!!!
    SOL Review Sheet.  This gives you facts and examples of questions from each unit.  
    Diagrams You Should Know:  Understand these diagrams before taking the SOL.  
Last Modified on December 9, 2016