• Unit 2 Atomic History and Radiation


    Please find the PowerPoint presentations that were used during this unit below.  These can be used to complete the notes if you missed any notes or to review for the test.  If you do not have PowerPoint on your computer, please see tab entitled "What if I don't have PowerPoint?" for some options.

    The homework that is due on Day 1 is a Vocabulary Jumble Puzzle, which can be downloaded here.


    Day 1 - History of the Atom Part 1.  The topics included the start of atomic theory up to Dalton and percentage composition of compounds.  A conservation of mass lab was also conducted on this day. 

    History of the Atom Part 1


    Group Work Answer Key

    Homework: Percent Composition Homework Sheet (Last Page of Notesheet)


    Day 2 - History of the Atom Part 2.  The topics of this day dealt with the scientists involved in the discovery of the subatomic particles of the atom.

    History of the Atom Part 2

    History 2 Notesheet

    Homework: Scientist "Timeline" - Summarize the 9 scientists that we talked about the past 2 days on the Scientist Timeline Paper.  Note: You will not use all the scientists yet.


    Day 3 - Subatomic Particles.  This day focuses on the subatomic particles and their effect on the atom.

    Subatomic Particles

    Subatomic Notesheet

    Homework: Page 108: 30-37 and Page 253: 43 & 44


    Day 4 - Introduction to Radiation.  The discovery of radiation, the definition of radiation, balancing nuclear equations, and determining nuclear stability were discussed on this day.


    Radiation Notesheet (pdf version)

    Homework: Page 670: 30, 31, 34, 35, 43


    Day 5 - Radiation Continued.  The uses of radiation were discussed on this day.  One of these uses is half life.

    Uses of Radiation

    Uses of Radiation Notesheet

    Video of Example Problems from Notes

    Homework: Page 670: 37-42


    Day 6 - Half life lab and review.  This day was used to familarize ourselves further with half lives and to review. 


    To help with your reviewing, please use the following information:

    Matching Section Help (Answers in case submit doesn't work)

    Unit 2 Blank Study Guide

    Unit 2 Study Guide Answers

    Return Block Answer Key

    Part IV Answers (New Way to Solve)

    Review Game


    Study Guide Videos

    Part 1 - This video covers sections I and II of the study guide.  This information deals with the relationship between protons, electons, and neutrons, as well as mass number and nuclear symbols. Percent Composition is also covered. 

    Part 2 - This video covers sections III and IV of the study guide.  As a result, you will see average atom mass and half life problems worked out.

    Part 3 - This final video covers sections V and VI of the study guide.  In this video, you will see nuclear equations being balanced, radiation being classified, and the N/Z graph being used to predict stability.




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