• Classroom Rules/Discipline Plan

    --All students are expected to be in their assigned seats and working on the bell work assignment when the tardy bell rings.  I will collect bell work assignments (for the week) every Friday.
    --You are expected to bring your textbook, binder, and a writing utensil with you to class everyday.
    --You are expected to listen the first time that rules or instructions are given.
    --You are expected to "keep your hands to yourself" (i.e. no touching with hands, feet, or free objects).  This includes other peoples' belongings.
    --You are expected to be quiet when someone else is talking.
    --You are expected to treat everyone with respect through your actions and language.
    --Information regarding upcoming/past assignments can be found in the "World Geography Assignments" section of my website.
    --We will take a restroom break approximately halfway through the class.  If you have an emergency (or a medical condition) please let me know. 
    If you choose to break a rule:
    1st Time:    Warning
    2nd Time:   Meeting after class to discuss your behavior.
    3rd Time:    Phone call to Parent/Guardian.
    4th Time:    Discipline Referral.
    In the case of severe disruption (fighting, using profanity, destruction of school property, disrespect shown toward anyone)--the student will be sent to the office immediately. 

Last Modified on August 16, 2010