• Syllabus


    Agricultural Leadership and Personal Development

                Categories of leaders

                Styles of leadership

                Importance of leaders

                Leadership traits

                Importance of communication

                Writing speeches and resumes

                Job interviews and skills wanted by employees

                Financial Management


    FFA and What It Has To Offer For Everyone

                FFA history

                FFA fundamentals

                Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE)

                FFA career development events


    Basic Agricultural Science and Technology

                Agricultural practices

                Kinds of natural resources

                Measurements in AgSci. (ex. Linear measurement, area, volume, weight)

                Heredity and genetics

                Plant life and sexual reproduction

                Fertilizers and soils


    Agriculture Mechanics Technology

                Small engine repair, operating, and servicing

                Welding and cutting operations

                Concrete and block

                Basic electricity and wiring procedures

                Construction with wood and preserving wood

                Identifying tractor parts and systems

                Irrigation and plumbing


    Plant Science and Biotechnology

                Major plant types

                Root, leaf, and stem tissues

                Cell components and growth

                Osmosis and diffusion

                Nutrient essentials


                Plant life cycles

                Seed dispersal and germination

    Forest Science


                Endangered species

                Urban and community forests

                Hardwood types and sites

                Softwood types and sites

                Why trees are harvested


    Agriculture Animal Production

                Importance of and careers in livestock

                Feed nutrients and additives


                Housing and equipment



    Animal Science Technology and Biotechnology

                Large animal industry and production

                Egg and embryo development

                Food products produced

                Digestive systems