Algebra           Mrs. Cempe   Room 56       email contact: jcempe@augusta.k12.va.us            


                    What is Algebra 2?  A branch of mathematics in which symbols, usually letters of the alphabet, represent numbers or members of a specified set and are used to represent quantities and to express general relationships that hold for all members of the set.      

    • This course will expand and build on topics first introduced in the Algebra I curriculum. Topics will include polynomials, solving absolute value and quadratic equations and inequalities, including systems, factoring, functions,  simplifying rational expressions, and more..

    (Students in the Part 1 class will cover half of the material this semester and continue into a Part 2 class next semester)

    Grading information - consists of three categories

    • Major (50%)  Unit tests - given every 10-12 days
    • Minor (40%)  Quizzes (weekly 25-100 points), Bellwork (graded daily 5-10 points), IXLs (assigned weekly-10 pts)
    • Practice/Participation (10%)  Homework(5 points daily), notebook (20-30 points per unit)

    Homework will be assigned almost every night.  This practice that is a very crucial part of being successful in the class. The homework grade will be based on completion and effort. Work must be shown!!!  Assignments are to be turned in on time . Late work will be worth no more that half credit.   Each assignment is worth 5 points. Any work assigned before an absence will be due on the day you return to class. You will be given 3 days to complete work due to an excused absence.

     Good Attendance is very important.  New material is covered daily along with review of previous topics.  In order to learn you need to be in class! When absent you are responsible to get missed notes and assignments.  It is helpful to copy notes from someone.  Homework is not to be copied. This is an honor code violation and could result is disciplinary action.

    Cellphones, earbuds, and other electronic devices are not to be used during class unless given permission!!  This will be addressed using the school/county policy.

     Grading scale:   A+ 98-100,   A 92-97,   A-  90-91,  B+ 88-89,  B  82-87,   B- 80-81,  

     C+ 78-79,   C 72-77,   C-  70-71,   D+ 68-69,   D 62-67,   D-  60-61,  F  below 60


     Materials List:  Bring to class every day!!

          Notebook (3-ring binder) with loose-leaf paper (not spiral)

          Pencils must be used on tests and quizzes 

                    optional:  Calculator TI 83/84, graph paper, ruler