• U.S. History Syllabus



    Attached you will see a listing of the VA and U.S. History Standards of Learning. You will be tested on these SOL’s and this class I geared toward ensuring you pass that test. We learn those events, and skills in the timeframe provided. Even though it looks like and incredible amount of information. I will show you ways and techniques in this course that will make it manageable. If you give me just a little effort and a positive attitude you will do fine in this course and on your SOL test.


    You will see that history is just one big story. In this class it’s the story of how we came to be the nation we are today. There were many points in the story where if something had happened differently, we would be a very different nation.


    Think about it in terms of your own life. You have an interesting story and you would be a different person if any part of that story were changed.


    I really am glad you are here. If you ever have problems or feel you aren’t doing well in the course, let me know and we will brainstorm together how we can fix the problem.


    We will have a great year!