AGRISCIENCE EXPLORATION – Seventh grade students explore science as it relates to agriculture and develop an understanding of human relations, communication, the importance of agriculture to the economy, and key scientific terms related to the field of agriculture. Specific units include Virginia and American agriculture, FFA/leadership, animal science, plant science, shop safety, and woodworking. Students at the seventh grade level will complete two woodworking projects.

     ART 7 – This is a course that is designed to challenge students to use their imagination and creativity.  Students will work with a variety of materials such as drawing media, watercolor, tempera paint, pastels and students will even get to make a clay sculpture.  Students will begin to develop critical thinking skills needed in making and understanding good design. 

    MAKE IT YOUR BUSINESS – This course is designed to provide 7th graders the opportunity to explore creating a teen-based entrepreneurship. Students will use Google Classroom and other apps to complete all parts of their business plan. Students will learn how to: 

    ●     Write a business plan for a teenage business

    ●     Integrate Google Docs, Spreadsheets, and Slideshows in writing a business and marketing plan

    ●     Use Kinetic Typography and iMovie to make a commercial

    ●     Prepare a marketing strategy

    ●     Create advertising campaign for their business

    ●     Prepare a financial plan

    ●     Staff this teenage business

    ●     Operate this business

    ●     Evaluate the other students’ business

     7th GRADE CHOIR / INTERMEDIATE MUSIC - In this class, students will have the opportunity to create music through various mediums such as singing and playing Orff instruments.  Students will strengthen music literacy skills and apply them in an ensemble setting.  Students will also expand upon their previous knowledge of music by participating in music appreciation activities.  They may also have an opportunity to participate in the Augusta County All-County Honors Chorus as well as District Chorus.  This class is expected to perform together as an ensemble at least once and no previous experience is necessary.

    BEGINNING GUITAR 7 - This class is a beginning guitar class for students of any musical background.  Topics covered will include guitar anatomy, tuning, playing chords, and reading chord diagrams.  We will learn how to play simple melodies and songs with multiple chord changes.  Students will also learn how to play with a pick and a capo.  This class is expected to perform together as an ensemble at least once.  An acoustic guitar and method book are provided for each student in the class.  No previous experience is necessary.

    FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE II – Join in FACS II for lessons in life! This exploratory is designed to give students the opportunity to develop and practice various skills needed to be responsible and productive family and community members. Students will explore kitchen safety, measurement, and preparation of nutritious foods. Basic life skills are stressed and include working cooperatively, caring for equipment, nutrition, stress management, goal setting, and following directions. Students will also complete a textile project. Since this class explores what is fundamental to everyday living, the subject matter is engaging and useful to all students.

    TECH INVENTIONS 7– This class is one that explores past inventions and allows students to research old designs. they will take these ideas and create new design projects.  Students will recreate old project designs as the Delta Dart which is a rubber band powered airplane. They will fly their Delta Darts after building them.  Along with this flight unit, students will learn and understand the science and history behind flight. Students will also design and build a miniature medieval catapult that will launch marshmallows. Students will learn the history and the science of the trebuchet\ catapult.  A distance and accuracy test along with a marshmallow war will be associated with this catapult project. Lastly, students will build and program a robot using Lego Mindstorms. Robot challenges against other students await you!  This unit is an introduction to EV’3 Robot building and programming in the 8th Grade.

    INTERMEDIATE BAND – This class is a continuation of and expansion on previous instruction, but is open to everyone, even if you didn’t take band in the 6th grade!  New band students are always welcome...NO experience necessary to join!  New members should meet with the band teacher to talk about an instrument.  Instruments offered include: flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, and percussion (mallets, snare, bass drum, cymbals, and timpani).   Students who were in band as sixth graders may join the Wildcat Jazz Band which plays standard jazz tunes, as well as pop-rock music!  The jazz band meets after school on Tuesdays.  Students are also eligible to audition for the Valley Honors Band and District Band if they choose.  In addition to advancing their skills on their regular band instrument, students will also have an opportunity to learn beginning drum set techniques, participate in drumline activities, create projects using Garage Band, and use technology to enhance their daily classroom activities via music apps and programs on iPads, iPods and computers.  Students interested in singing may participate in choir, as well.  Band is a year-long class taught during exploratory period.  For additional information, feel free to check out our web site at http://sites.google.com/site/bmmswildcatband/ 

    7th grade band opportunities:

    ●     Drumline Activities (STOMP!)

    ●     Optional Introduction to a secondary instrument

    ●     Optional Introduction to guitar/bass

    ●     Optional Band activities at RHS and BGHS.

    ●     Pep Band Gigs

    ●     Garage Band Intro & Music Writing

    ●     Valley Honors Band

    ●     District Honors Band

    ●     Wildcat Jazz Band