AGRISCIENCE 8 - Eighth grade students apply scientific principles to the field of agriculture, including plants and small/companion animals (dogs, cats, etc.). The course introduces students to biotechnology as it relates to agriculture. Students also study shop safety and woodworking; eighth grade students complete three or more woodworking projects.

     ART 8 - This course is designed to continue building on the knowledge gained in previous art classes and establish a solid background in the practice of good design concepts.  In this class, whether it is drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, or clay (ceramics), good design concepts will be emphasized. This course allows time and opportunity for students to develop individual styles and try more unusual possibilities with various art media.

     BMMS PRODUCTION COMPANY - This year-long course is designed for highly motivated, creative, and independent thinkers who enjoy and are comfortable working with various multimedia technologies.  Students in this class will create bi-monthly news broadcasts as well as an informational DVD for upcoming 6th graders and a memories DVD for 8th graders.  Students will become familiar with the process of shooting a film, as well as the skills needed for the film-editing process.  Additionally, students will design and prepare the school yearbook by choosing the theme, color scheme, and title of this historical work.  Students will also learn to work within a budget, count and receipt money, take photos using the digital camera and complete the layout on the computer.  Students in this class…



    Have a strong work ethic

    Complete the application process

    Be able to work independently

    Pass all of their 7th grade Standards of Learning Exams

    Have a positive attitude

    Maintain a minimum of a “B” average in their CORE classes

    Be creative

    Be familiar with iPhoto & iMovie

    Have strong organizational skills

    Be familiar with taking pictures and the basics of a digital camera

    Students must complete an application process for acceptance into this class.  Students interested in this course should mark it as #1 on the registration form.  Only students who mark it as #1 will be given an application.

     COMPUTER SOLUTIONS – This semester course is designed for students to learn all Google docs, Google Spreadsheets, and Google Slideshow. Students will learn to use iPhoto, iMovie, Kinetic Typography and other Apple and Google applications to complete daily assignments.  Financial literacy will also be taught in this class. Students will learn how to write checks, balance a checkbook, and basic concepts in consumer math.  No changes KQ

     8th GRADE CHOIR / ADVANCED MUSIC - In this class, students will have the opportunity to participate in an ensemble that explores music making through singing and playing Orff instruments.  Students will continue learning music theory and strengthening music literacy skills while applying them in an ensemble setting.  Students will also deepen music appreciation skills by exploring many different aspects of music.  They may also have the opportunity to participate in the Augusta County All-County Honors Chorus as well as District Chorus. This class is expected to perform together as an ensemble at least once.  This class is an extension of 7th Grade Choir/Intermediate Music although no previous experience is necessary.

    BEGINNING GUITAR 8 – This class is a beginning guitar class for students of any musical background.  Topics covered will include guitar anatomy, tuning, playing chords, and reading chord diagrams.  We will learn how to play simple melodies and songs with multiple chord changes.  Students will also learn how to play with a pick and a capo.  This class is expected to perform together as an ensemble at least once.  An acoustic guitar and method book are provided for each student in the class.  No previous experience is necessary. Students that are signing up for guitar for the first time should sign up for this class.

    INTERMEDIATE GUITAR 8 - This class is an intermediate guitar class for students wishing to improve their guitar skills.  Topics covered will include playing melodies and songs with multiple chord changes.  Students will practice reading TAB notation, playing with a pick, and playing with a capo.  Students will also experiment with different strumming techniques and deepen music appreciation skills by exploring many different aspects of the instrument.  This class is expected to perform together as an ensemble at least once.  An acoustic guitar will be provided for each student in the class.  This class is an extension of Beginning Guitar 7 and Beginning Guitar 7 class is a prerequisite for this class.

     FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCES III Ready? Set? Let’s get ready to live!  This course is designed to help middle school students learn the life skills they need to be responsible and productive family and community members.  The topics covered are vital to successful day-to-day living and include problem solving and decision making, following directions, money management, social skills, caring for equipment,  wellness, and nutrition.  Students will learn basic life skills, such as measurement, safety, working cooperatively, preparing nutritious snacks and small meals, and getting organized.  Students will textile projects. Since Family and Consumer Science explores what is fundamental to everyday living, the subject matter is engaging and useful to all students.

    TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS – This class will explore three different Technological systems in order to understand how they work.  Students will build a solid – fuel rocket from scratch, build a Lego EV’3  robot, and build and race a CO2 powered car.  Students will learn the science behind the rocket, build their rocket and will make 3 launches.  Students will also build a robot from a Lego kit and add sensors that will allow the robot to do a number of things. Your robot is even able to balance on 2 wheels. Students will learn to control and program their robot and compete in different challenges against other students. Students will  also learn the design process in building a CO2 car. They will build and race their car against other students to determine a grand champion.  Innovative thinking, research and learning the design process will be a part of this class. 

     ADVANCED BAND – This class is primarily for students who have completed a minimum of one year of instruction on a band instrument, but new band students with no experience are always welcome!  New members need to meet with the band teacher to talk about an instrument.  Instruments offered include: flute, clarinet, oboe, saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, and percussion (mallets, snare, bass drum, cymbals, timpani).  Course activities include a winter concert, spring concert and participation in the District Band Assessment in March (during the school day).  Students will be eligible to audition for the Valley Honors Band and District Band during the year. Students may also opt to participate in the Wildcat Jazz Band which meets after school on Tuesdays.  In addition to advancing their skills on their primary instrument, students who have completed at least one year of band have the opportunity to learn electric bass, guitar, keyboard, drum set or another secondary instrument 1-2 days each week if they choose!  Students who like to sing may participate in chorus 1-2 days a week instead of learning a second instrument...they just need to let the band director know in advance.  Students will also create production projects using Garage Band, iMovie, Green Screen video recorder and other iPad/computer programs aimed at enhancing the music classroom.  For additional information, feel free to check out our web site at http://sites.google.com/site/bmmswildcatband/ 

    8th grade band opportunites:

    ●      Colorguard & Drumline Activities

    ●      Optional Participation in the choral program

    ●      Optional Secondary Instruments (includes guitar and electric bass)

    ●      Optional Band activities at RHS and BGHS.

    ●      Pep Band Gigs

    ●      Garage Band Creations

    ●      Music and Movie Productions

    ●      Valley Honors Band

    ●      District Honors Band

    ●      Wildcat Jazz Band