• Talented & Gifted - TAG | Beverley Manor Middle School 2014-2015
    Academically gifted students in Augusta County are those students that routinely process information on a level of abstract thinking above their normal peer group. The talented areas of Art, Music, and Drama involve students having exceptional abilities or potential for outstanding performance.
    Each school has a coordinator and a committee which follows the county-wide procedures as approve by the State Department of Education for grades K-12. Students may be self-referred, referred by parents, school personnel, or other persons of expertise that are familiar with the student's abilities. The school coordinator should be contacted for the proper forms to apply for any of the programs.
    Identification Schedule
    The identification schedule for the various programs follows a specific schedule:
    Specific Academic Aptitude I - Early Fall
    Music - Fall
    Art - Fall
    Theater - Fall
    Specific Academic Aptitude II - Winter
    Each program has its own separate criteria for eligibility as does each school district and state.  In the event a student has participated in another gifted and talented program outside of Augusta County, every effort will be made to use as many scores, etc., as possible from that division.  However, the student will need to qualify under the Augusta County plan, as screening procedures differ for each school division. 
    Program Design

    Since we believe the student is gifted all the time, the student's core curriculum is differentiated in the regular classroom using various strategies. Clustering and grouping are implemented as appropriate. At various times of the year, plans are communicated to parents through newsletters or during conferences. Throughout the school year, enrichment activities are planned that give students of similar abilities the opportunity to work together. These activities may take place before or after school, on Saturday, or during the school day.

    Dismissal Policy

    Once a student qualifies for a program, they remain in the program through high school as long as evaluations and progress are acceptable. If a change of placement is advised or requested, a meeting between school personnel and parents will take place to determine the best action for the student.