Technology is playing an ever greater role in education today.  Below you will find sites that can assist your child in the acquisition or practice of literacy skills. 

    Green Grass

    Bright Eye Technology


    Text Help Read and Write software is a powerful tool to allow both students and adults to empower them to read and write with greater proficiency.  The program incorporates both listening and viewing components of literacy.


    Kurzweil Educational Systems’


    Kurzweil is a software program designed to assist students and teachers with reading, writing and study solitions to overcome learning difficulities.  It converts scanned text material to speech and reads it aloud to students.




    Bookshare give people who have difficulty reading printed material access to over 31,000 books and 150 periodicals which can be converted into text to speech audio files, Braille or large print.




    This is a word prediction software program that assists students with translating their thought on to paper.  It empowers students who have difficulty with writing to be able to express their thoughts.




    Inspiration software is designed to provide visual thinking tools that assist students in developing a solid learning foundation.  This software allows teachers and students create and use graphic organizers using both pictures and text.  It is available for grades K-12.


    Technology in the Instruction of Writing and English


    This is an incredible website that provides teachers with Power Points, lesson plans, online activities and quizzes for students.  It allows students to access the information in multiple modes.  Visual presentations and activities are a wonderful way to help students who are struggling access the information via another modality.



Last Modified on March 9, 2007