Enrollment End Date:        November 20, 2020
    Plan Year: January 1 – December 31, 2021
    Medical Expenses Annual Limit:  $2,750.00 
    Dependent Care Annual Limit:  $5,000.00
    Claims Processing Schedule: Weekly
    Carry Over Allowance:  $550 of unused health FSA dollars
    Run Out Period to turn in expenses: 2 months (ends 2/28/2022)
    Plan Administrator: LDB Benefits Administrators
    LDB Representative:  Stephanie Van Meter
    LDB Telephone Number: (877) 532-5478 or (540) 438-4102
    LDB email: svanmeter@ldbbenefitsadmin.com



    This enrollment announcement provides information on your opportunity to participate in the Flexible Benefits Plan for the new plan year starting January 1, 2021.  If you wish to participate, you must complete the online enrollment process during the open enrollment period of November 2 through November 20, 2020.  If you fail to meet the enrollment deadline, you will not be allowed to join the plan until the next open enrollment period in November 2021.

    NOTE: Participants in 2020 that do not re-enroll for 2021 may carry over health care balances between $200 and $500 into the following year.

    Employees who currently participate in a reimbursement account:

    • Must complete the online enrollment for 2021 if you wish to continue participation
    • Direct Deposit Authorization Form does not need to be completed again if already submitted in previous years unless bank information has changed.
    • Your annual election for the new plan year will automatically be loaded on your existing LD&B Benefits Card.  Your card is good for five (5) years, so please do not destroy it.  There is a $10 fee for two replacement/additional cards.
    • Save all your receipts, including those for LD&B Benefits Card purchases. 

    You can check your account balance, activate your LD&B Benefits Card, begin the claims process, and find more information about the flexible spending accounts at The LDBBenefits Website

    Additional information is also available on the ACPS Benefits webpage (click on the “Flexible Benefits Plan” link).
    Don't forget: Run-Out Period to turn in expenses after the end of the plan year is 2 months.
    The Run-Out Period ends on February 28 each year.