• The Guide to
    Success in math 6

    In order to be successful in math class this year you must keep up with your class work, homework,  and study for your tests.  I provide an overview and a study guide for each SOL objective.
    Grading Policy: 

    I provide for plenty of opportunities to improve your grades.  My grades are broken down into percentages as follows;
    Major assessments:   40% of your total gradeThis means that you must study hard.
    Minor assessments:    30% of your total gradeThis means that you must study hard.

    Practice, class participation:  20% of your total grade - You will be given time to complete classwork occasionally you will have to finish for homework but it will count as a classwork grade.

    Homework:  10% of your total grade- 

    Each morning I will have a Bell Ringer assignment to get  you focused for the objective during the class period.  When you come in to my class be prepared!

    Class Preparation:

    Have something to write with:  I don't care if you use a pencil or mechanical pencil, but have at  least one of  these when you enter the room.
    Have something to write on:  Again, I don't care if you have a notebook, or a binder, but 
    please have your own paper.
    Have your planner with you at all times:  Make sure you have written your

    Parents or Guardians:  Visit our homework
                                              page for current