• 2018-2019 Program Highlights
    Stewart Honors Choir will learn advanced techniques for sight singing, diction and tone quality.  They will perform in Fall and Spring concerts at Stewart Middle School and community events.
    The Language Arts department will provide an advanced experience in writing process with emphasis on selecting and preparing writing for publications. 
    The Math department will seek to develop the potential of intellectually gifted and creatively talented students.  Changes in pace and depth are made for individual students who have demonstrated mastery of particular concepts of the total curriculum.  Teachers differentiate through various means: including flexible groupings, acceleration of content, independent project study, tiered assignments, adjusting question, use of above grade level resources and advanced placement courses.  In eighth grade, there are high school credit courses offered for those students who demonstrate exceptional abilities.
    A math club "Math Counts" was started at SMS and it is a national program which strives to increase enthusiasm for math in the middle school along with teaching high level processing skills.
    The Science department will Coordinate with the SVRGS to provide assistance to gifted students in their preparation for science projects.  It will also conduct an in school program for Project "Real World".
    The GT Art  program at SMS offers after school workshops that enhance art learning for our students identified as gifted and talented in art.  More information on upcoming workshops when they are arranged.
    The S.M.S. Drama Club will continue to be an active organization.  Activities for the students, including those who are gifted in drama will include monthly meetings consisting of a "business" portion and dramatic workshops and activities. There may be possible trips to local school and community plays to view performances.  Workshops with local theater groups and troupe members is a goal, and a stage production (to be determined) will be presented in spring of 2019.
    Battle of the Books is a competition between the "rabid readers" at Stewart Middle School.  Several books are chosen and read by our readers who come together for a "Jeopardy like" competition to see which team can win bragging rights as the school's top readers.  The students can't get enough of this fast paced competition against one another.
    Teachers in all content areas -  All teachers in all departments will provide differentiated and enrichment activities and questioning in their regular classroom.
    POWER UP ENRICHMENT - This year SMS will continue a  program in 6th and 7th grade levels to improve enrichment offerings.  Each grade level will offer different Power Up classes on a rotating basis to meet many of the interests of the gifted learners in all academic and fine arts areas.  We are excited about how this program will impact our gifted learners. 
    Quiz BowlQuiz bowl is a game in which two teams compete head-to-head to answer questions from all areas of knowledge, including history, literature, science, fine arts, current events, popular culture, sports, and more. The defining feature of quiz bowl is the use of a “buzzer system” that lets players interrupt the reading of a question when they know the answer. That element adds a dimension of confidence, anticipation, and rapid recall to a game about knowing facts. Those “tossup” questions are answered individually, but doing so earns one’s team a chance at a three-part “bonus” question. Bonus questions are worth more points and allow collaboration, but are generally more difficult. Our team engages in small tournaments with other county middle school to learn the skills and style before moving on to the High School league where it is a VHSL Activity.
    Brillant BulldogsA club to stimulate and engage gifted and talented students and to increase exposure and access to oppourtunities that are available. 
    Shenandoah Valley Governors School Outreach Field Trips-  Students will have the oppourtunity to participate in enrichment activities in the arts and sciences that further develop their interests and inspire learning.