% of grade

    Assessments Description



    Reinforce, practice and assess understanding of material based on thoroughness (showing work) and completeness.  Scores based on effort and completion=

    100% complete with all steps shown/75%-incomplete by less than ½ or no work shown/85% late work/0% --less than ½ complete.

    *Students must check solutions in class and fix incorrect answers to learn from mistakes.(growth mindset)



    Warm ups, Group work,  Notetaking in class

     Participation— Student preparedness and classroom contribution during lessons (self discipline, on time, ready to work/learn, ask/answer questions with best effort, cooperative groups, productive use of time)



    Minor Assessments




    Quizzes (about 1-2 times week), long term IXL assignments or other computer activities

    In class assignments, projects, group work, "snap shot" formative assessment activities, exit tickets, computer activities

    SOL Review 


    Major Assessments


    Assessments are used to monitor progress towards mastery of the 7th grade math Virginia Standards of Learning. Unit tests (usually 2 or more per marking period) Retests available. New retest score will be averaged with previous score. (growth mindset)—math mastery is the main point.

     Augusta County Grading Scale

    A+   98-100

    B+   88-89

    C+  78-79

    D+ 68-69

    F   50-59

    A    92-97

    B    82-87

    C   72-77

    D   62-67


    A-  90-91

    B-   80-81

    C-  70-71

    D-  60-61