August 15, 2019 
       The Gators are back in 1865.  We have lost President Lincoln and are now trying to assist President Johnson.  Our investigators examined primary source photographs and letters from the north and the south in an effort to locate the problems after the Civil War.  Due Friday is the report to the president.  We worked paragraph by paragraph on Wednesday and Thursday to better understand how to demonstrate compare and contrast.  The president cannot wait to read these reports.
       Next week, our investigators will determine what are the biggest problems and who is most impacted- northerners, southerners, or freedmen.  Gators will create a game called "All Cracked Up" to work on vocabulary of the times.
       Please help your Gator to remember to :
    1. Check that homework is completed when due
    2. computer is charged
    3. computer is in the bookbag
    These will help your Gator to be all they can be.  
        The Gator planning period is from 11:50-12:25 so please feel free to contact me with any concerns.  My email is lspetzke@augusta.k12.va.us and the phone is 245-5046.
      You can always check for homework, due dates, team reminders here!
    I look forward to working with your middle schooler this year.