March 12, 2020 
           The Gators have all gotten jobs thanks to President Roosevelt!  Each has selected to work at one of the alphabet agencies.  Now, each will design a "t-shirt" for their agency.  Next up, the Gators will head to the midwest to become weather reporters for the Dust Bowl.
           We are trying to keep our students healthy during this season.  Desks are wiped down, Germx is available, and tissues are everywhere.  If you find yourself with an extra box of Keenex (invented in the 1920s), please feel free to send them in.  I am down to my last boxes. 
       We are having some difficulty in helping our Gators complete all homework on time.  Please check the homework website for any updates and all due dates so together we can help all our Gators be a success!
       Please help your Gator to remember to :
    1. Check that homework is completed when due
    2. computer is charged
    3. computer is in the bookbag
    These will help your Gator to be all they can be.  
        The Gator planning period is from 11:50-12:25 so please feel free to contact me with any concerns.  My email is lspetzke@augusta.k12.va.us and the phone is 245-5046.
      You can always check for homework, due dates, team reminders here!