• Pathfinders



    Welcome to the Pathfinders' team site.  This is your resource for information, schedules, and contact information for the school year.  Please ask your children about their daily activities, tasks, and assignments. 
    Famous pathfinders throughout history have lived their lives and made their mark through exploration.  They were visionaries, always looking forward and imagining the possibilities. Throughout history, famous pathfinders were responsible for countless firsts and lived their lives on the edge of what was believed to be possible. Magellan made his way around the world; Ronald Amundsen led the first expedition to reach the South Pole; Lewis and Clark explored America from west of the Mississippi to the Pacific coast.
    We can't wait to begin the journey.  Imagine the possibilities . . .
     The Pathfinders teachers are:

    Ms. Maura Fitzgerald Language Arts

    Mrs. Cari Hill  Civics and Economics
    Mr. Jeremy Long, Physical Science
    Mrs. Coralie Roberts, Math and Algebra

    All Pathfinders teachers are "highly qualified" under the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
    To get to Google Classroom, sign in to your Google account and then click on the link below.