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    Welcome to English-6 with Mrs. Chambers


    I am honored to be a part of your child's academic success for the 2020-21 school year & proud to be a faculty member at SDMS.  I am already encouraged and excited about our Seekers' students. This year all sixth graders will engage in increased writing and grammar instruction.  It is our earnest goal to transform our students into more than competent writers.


    I have planned many diverse reading & writing opportunities for our students this year.  My goal is to keep a GOOD book in your child's hands at all times & to help them improve their writing skills.  You should see your child coming home each night with a novel to read. Ask him/her about what they are reading & writing.  Talk to your child about the novel that you are reading.  Be a positive reading model for your child.


    We will be learning a lot about the strategies that good readers & writers use. We also look forward to a time when we will be working in cooperative learning groups, so your child can share his/her knowledge of literary elements with peers.  Our English-6 class will also help your child gain confidence in his/her ability to speak publicly.


    There is much to accomplish and I know we will have a successful and fun year.  I welcome input from each parent. Please do contact me with any questions or comments.


    Best wishes,

    Tammy Chambers

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