• Seventh Grade
    Instrumental Ensemble I
    Seventh Grade Instrumental Ensemble I is a twelve-week class that is an extension of Introduction to Music.  Students will expound on their understanding of music theory and learn how to play instruments including guitar and keyboard.  Students will be involved in music activities that stresses cross-curriculum ideals.  Performance, music theory, composing, and music technology are focused on in this class.  Instrumental Ensemble is offered to seventh grade students first and second six weeks.
    Within this course, students will focus on the following:
    Music Theory - Staff, Note Values, Treble and Bass Clef notes, time signatures (2/4, 3/4, 4/4), & the Grand Staff


    Performance - Students will learn several selections on the guitar and keyboard. Students will work on successfully playing all instrument parts simultaneously.   


    Drama - Students will experience acting techniques if time permits.