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    What Good Readers Do

     Look at the pictures, and the words.

    Point to the word.

      C AT Look for keys, letters, parts of words, or even hidden words. 

    Get your mouth ready.

    C - a - t    Sound out the word slowly. 

    Skip if not sure and go back later.


    Read aloud and think. "Hmm, does that make sense ?"

         Wow! now read with Expression!

    What are we reading this year?

    Book 1 Unit 1

    • Story of the week: Anne's First Day
    • Phonemic Skill: Words with Short vowel
    • Word Families/keys: at, ant, est esk, ill, it, ock, om, ock
    • Vocabulary Words: Carrots, crawls, homework, hurry, lucky, shy
    • Story of the week: Henry and Mudge
    • Phonemic Skill: Words with long vowels a, e, i, o, u with silent e
    • Word Families/keys: ake, ame, ate, ike, ine, oke, one, oke, used
    • Vocabulary Words: different, hundred, parents , searched, weighed, worry
    • Story of the week: Luka's Quilt
    • Phonemic Skill: Words with a spelled ai, ay & Long e spelled ae, ee, ie
    • Word Families/keys: ay, ail ain, eam, ean, eat,  een, eep, ief
    • Vocabulary Words: answered, garden, grandmother, idea, remember, serious
    • Story of the week: Roundup at Rio Ranch
    • Phonemic Skill: Words with long o spelled oa, oe, ow, o, & Long i spelled i, y, igh
    • Word Families/keys: oa, ow, oe, igh, ight, y ind,
    • Vocabulary Words: broken, carefully, cattle, fence gently, safety
    • Story of the week: Time For Kids: Welcome to a New Museum
    • Phonemic Skill: Review of all skills
    • Word Families/keys: ag, ace, ax, ade, aw, ave, ime, ote, eace, eech
    • Vocabulary Words: artist, body, famous, hour, life, visit

    Book 1 Unit 2    

    • Story of the week: Lemonade For Sale
    • Ph onemic Skill: U spelled oo, ue, ew
    • Word Families/keys: ew, ool, oo, ue, oom
    • Vocabulary Words: announced, empty, melted, poured, squeezed, wrong
    • Story of the week: A Letter To Amy
    • Phonemic Skill: ou spelled, ou, & ow  and oi, spelled oi, & oy
    • Word Families/keys: own, oud, out, oin, ouse, ow,oint, oy
    • Vocabulary Words: candles, corner, glancec, repeated, special, wild
    • Story of the week: Best Firends Club
    • Phonemic Skill: ar, spelled are, or, spelled or, ore, and ir spelled ear
    • Word Families/keys: are, ear, ore, ort, ear orn orch
    • Vocabulary Words: allowed, leaned, president, promise, rule, whispered
    • Story of the week: Jamaica Tag- Along
    • Phonemic Skill:  ar spelled ar, ur speller ir, er, ur
    • Word Families/keys: ar, arm, ard erd, irth, irt, er, urn,url, ur
    • Vocabulary Words: building, busy, edge, form, giant, repair
    • Story of the week: Time For Kids: Under Attack
    • Phonemic Skill: review of skills 
    • Word Families/keys: all previous taught so far
    • Vocabulary Words: afraid, chew, danger, lesson, trouble,understand

       Book 1 Unit 3

    •  Story of the week: Arthur Writes a Story
    •   Phonemic Skill: silent letters l, b, k, w, gh
    • Word Families/keys: alf, ot, ight ite, igh, ow, umb, ote, ee, amb
    •  Vocabulary Words: decided, float, important, library, planet, proud  
    •  Story of the week: Best Wishes Ed
    •   Phonemic Skill: er
    • Word Families/keys: orner, iver, armer, ather, etter, ever, other, ater, inter, over,
    • Vocabulary Words: climbed, couple, drigted, half, message, notice
    • Story of the week: The Pony Express
    •  Phonemic Skill: short e, spelled ea
    • Word Families/keys: ead, eak, eather, eadow, eant, ead
    • Vocabulary Words: arrive, early, finish, record, rush, success
    • Story of the week: NIne-In-One, Grr! Grr!
    • Phonemic Skill: Long e spelled y, ey
    • Word Families/keys: aby, ey, ady, oney, arty, iny, every, appy, any, enny,
    • Vocabulary Words: earth, forget, lonely, momory,mountain, wonderful
    • Story of the week: Time For Kids: Change for the Quarter
    •  Phonemic Skill: review of skills 
    • Word Families/keys: all previous taught so far
    • Vocabulary Words: collect, honors, join, order, pocket, worth