~Ms. Sarah Stoll~
     Yearbook Photo
    Wilson Elementary Music Specialist 


        Every child has musical talent, whether it is in their singing, their dancing, by playing instruments, their reading and writing of music, or their musical listening skills.  Each school year, my goal is to help the children learn about their own musical talent to a point where they can enjoy music throughout their lives.
         I am excited to be able to work with your child again, whether it is in a hybrid model or through distance learning!  I created a website which house a variety of online music lessons for your child to complete when they are not in school.  If your child is a distance learner, they are required to participate in two music activities each month using this online resource.  Please fill out the form within their virtual music classroom once their activites have been completed. If your child is in the hybrid learning model, visiting this website is not a requirement. However, feel free to visit if you wish! You can find my website by clicking here: WES Music 
         Please contact me by email (sstoll@augusta.k12.va.us) or by calling the school at (540) 245-5040 if you have any questions or concerns! I look forward to working with you and your child throughout the school year!
Last Modified on August 31, 2020