• The library is open each school day from 7:30 AM until 3:30 PM.

    Library Staff
    Tammy Perry is the School Librarian.  Click HERE to learn more about her.  The library is also indebted to the many volunteers, students and adults, who help on a regular basis, as well as those who help with the book fairs.
    Check Outs and Returns

    Preschoolers may check out one book, due back in one week. Kindergarten students may check out one book, due in three weeks. Some students choose to return their books more frequently to trade for another.

    Students in 1st-5th grades may check out two books at a time. Books are due back in three weeks, although most children opt to return books sooner. Library classes are scheduled once every ten school days. Preschool story time is scheduled once every five school days.
    Overdue Books
    Overdue books are not fined.  Students with overdue books are simply asked to return them as soon as possible. 
    Lost Books
    Lost books (books not returned after one month) and damaged books are fined at the book’s current replacement cost.  You may also choose to replace a lost book with one on the library's suggested books list.  See Mrs. Perry for details.

    End of Year Due Date
    All library materials are due two weeks before the final school day. 
    Child reading