Purchases from $0 - $10,000

    Single quotation (verbal, written or telephone) is used for purchases where the estimated cost of goods or nonprofessional services is up to and including $10,000.  Additional competition should be sought whenever there is reason to believe a quotation does not reflect a fair and reasonable price.  A record of quotation must be kept.  A notation on the requisition form is considered an adequate record.

    Purchases from $10,000 up to and including $100,000

    A minimum of four sources shall be solicited for purchases where the total exceeds $10,000 up to and including $100,000.  Written or electronic documentation required showing item description or service offered, price quoted, names of persons giving and receiving prices and date information obtained. School Board members will be apprised of awarded quotes exceeding $25,000 and over.


    Purchases over $100,000

    Competitive Sealed Bid – Method for acquiring goods and nonprofessional services where the estimated cost is over $100,000.  This method is used when an award can be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder based on the item/services description.

    Competitive Negotiation – Method used for procuring professional services and for procuring goods and nonprofessional services when it is not practicable or fiscally advantageous to use sealed bidding.  It gives the opportunity, through negotiation, to change the content of an offer or pricing after opening.



Last Modified on November 8, 2019