• Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

    Purchase orders provide written authorization for vendors to deliver goods and/or services described on the order. Purchases are subject to the Terms and Conditions specified in the document link given below.

    Purchase Order Terms Document

    General Terms & Conditions

    State procurement laws in Virginia require certain General Terms and Conditions be included in written solicitations for procurements over a specified dollar limit as designated in purchasing guidelines of the agency.  The document posted below is applicable to the majority of contracts issued by Augusta County Schools.

    General Terms
    Special Terms & Conditions
    Special Terms & Conditions are used at the buyer's discretion in written solicitations as the individual procurement may dictate.  These clauses cover a broad spectrum of goods and services.
    County of Augusta Environmental Document
    Contractors who perform work on property owned by the Augusta County School Board  where the work may have a potential to cause significant environmental impact are required to sign an Environmental Document.
    ARRA Special Terms & Conditions
    The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 requires certain forms for projects funded by the Act.
    Certificate of Contractor
    Construction Assurances Form
    Non-Construction Assurances Form
    Department of Labor Payroll Form WH347


Last Modified on April 27, 2020