Greetings from Ms. Parsley!!!
     It is my pleasure to be working at Hugh K. Cassell Elementary for my 7th year! I grew up on a small farm in western New York state.  My husband and I enjoy living in the Shenandoah Valley along with our 7 children with wonderful people and lovely landscape.
    I continue serve as the Intervention Specialist, Gifted and Talented Coordinator, 504 Coordinator, Testing Coordinator and Child Study Chairperson.  My primary role as Intervention Specialist will be part of the ongoing initiative of RtI (Response to Intervention). This is the way we will track the skills and progress of _all_  students. Students requiring interventions to improve any weak areas will have targeted instruction during an intervention time. We will collect additional data to check the gains students make with these interventions. RtI will offer many levels of support depending on each student's needs even for remediation and enrichment.
    Parents and community members, you can contact myself or Mr. McLaughlin with questions about RtI by phone at 946-7635.
    Sally Parsley Howe
    Intervention Specialist, Child Study Chairperson, 504 Coordinator, Gifted &Talented Coordinator and  School Testing Coordinator 
    office 540-946-7635