• Classroom Tidbits
    Your child needs to have tennis shoes for P.E. on Days 1, 4, 7, and 10.  The schedule for Specials is found on weekly Jones Journals.  Please help your child to remember about tennis shoes on those days.  We want to win the Big Shoe Award!
    Please read the Jones Journal, located in your child's binder.  These come home every Friday.
    T-shirt orders and money are now due.
    Please, when possible, schedule appointments for the afternoon.  SOL instruction in Math and Reading takes place in the mornings, so it's important that your child be here for that.  Afternoons are less strenuous - lunch, Power Up, recess, Science/Social Studies are included in the afternoon schedule.
    We must have a written note any time your child is absent or will be picked up early.  Thank you!